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January J. V. Stalin arrives in Vologda under escort and is confined in the Vologda prison.
January 27 J. V. Stalin's place of exile is decided: Solvychegodsk, Vologda Gubernia.
February 8 On the way to his place of exile under escort J. V. Stalin falls sick with relapsing fever and is taken from the Vyatka prison to the Vyatka Gubernia Zemstvo Hospital.
February 20 J. V. Stalin is transferred from the hospital to the Vyatka prison.
February 27 J. V. Stalin arrives in Solvychegodsk.
June 24 J. V. Stalin escapes from Solvychegodsk.
Beginning of July While on his way J. V. Stalin stays several days in St. Petersburg.
First half of July J. V. Stalin secretly arrives in Baku and directs the work of restoring and consolidating the Bolshevik organizations in Baku and Transcaucasia.
August 1 After a year's suspension, Bakinsky Proletary resumes publication with No. 6, which contains J. V. Stalin's leading article "The Party Crisis and Our Tasks."
August 2 The Baku Committee of the RSDLP, directed by J. V. Stalin, adopts a resolution on the state of affairs on the editorial board of Proletary supporting "the stand taken by the majority of the editorial board represented by Comrade Lenin."
August 27 No. 7 of Bakinsky Proletary publishes the conclusion of J. V. Stalin's article "The Party Crisis and Our Tasks," and also the article "The Forthcoming General Strike."
First half of September J. V. Stalin leaves Baku for Tiflis, where he organizes and directs the struggle of the Tiflis Bolshevik organization against the Menshevik Liquidators.
End of September J. V. Stalin takes measures to re-establish the underground printing plant of the Baku Committee,
October 19-beginning of November J. V. Stalin arrives in Tiflis and makes preparations for the convocation of the Tiflis City Party Conference and for the publication of the Bolshevik newspaper Tiflissky Proletary.
Not later than November 12 J. V. Stalin returns to Baku from Tiflis.
December 13 The Baku Committee of the RSDLP issues a leaflet written by J. V. Stalin, "The December Strike and the December Agreement" (on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Baku strike of 1904).
November-December . V. Stalin writes "Letters From the Caucasus" for the Central Organ of the Party.


Beginning with 1910 J. V. Stalin is a representative of the Central Committee of the Party ("agent of the C.C.").
January 5 No. 1 of the newspaper Tiflissky Proletary, founded with the direct participation of J.V. Stalin, appears.
January 22 The Baku Committee of the RSDLP adopts a resolution drafted by J. V. Stalin urging the necessity of convening a general Party conference, of transferring the practical center for directing the activities of the Party to Russia and of publishing an all-Russian leading newspaper.
March 23 J.V. Stalin is arrested under the alias Zakhar Grigoryan Melikyants.
J. V. Stalin's leaflet "August Bebel, Leader of the German Workers, " appears.
March 26 J. V. Stalin is confined in the Bailov Prison in Baku.
September 7 While in prison J. V. Stalin receives the order of the Viceroy of the Caucasus dated August 27 prohibiting him from residing in the Caucasus for five years.
September 23 J. V. Stalin is taken under escort to Solvychegodsk.
October 29 J. V. Stalin arrives in Solvychegodsk.
November 1910-June 1911 J. V. Stalin establishes contact with V. I. Lenin. He organizes meetings of exiles at which papers are read and current political questions are discussed.
December 31
J. V. Stalin writes a letter to the Central Committee of the Party ("A Letter to the Central Committee of the Party from Exile in Solvychegodsk").


March-June The police make repeated searches in J. V. Stalin's lodgings (at the house of M. P. Kuzakova) in Solvychegodsk.
June 1 At a conference of members of the Central Committee of the RSDLP, held in Paris, J. V. Stalin is appointed in his absence an alternate member of the Organizing Committee for convening the Party conference.
June 23-26 J. V. Stalin in Solvychegodsk is kept under close arrest for three days for organizing a meeting of exiled Social-Democrats.
June 37 J. V. Stalin is released from open police surveillance in view of the expiration of his period of exile. Being prohibited from residing in the Caucasus, in the capitals and industrial centres, he chooses Vologda as his place of residence as it is on the way to St. Petersburg.
July 6 J. V. Stalin, furnished with a transit permit, leaves Solvychegodsk for Vologda.
July 16 J. V. Stalin arrives in Vologda.
July-September In Vologda J. V. Stalin is kept under secret police surveillance.
July J. V. Stalin writes a letter to the editorial board of Rabochaya Gazeta (Workers' Newspaper), directed by Lenin, informing it of his intention to work in St. Petersburg or in Moscow.
September 6 J. V. Stalin secretly leaves Vologda for St. Petersburg.
September 7 J. V. Stalin arrives in St. Petersburg and registers with the passport of P. A. Chizhikov.
September 7-9 J. V. Stalin meets the Bolsheviks S. Todria and S. Alliluyev and establishes contact with the St. Petersburg Party organization.
September 9 J. V. Stalin is arrested and confined in the St. Petersburg House of Preliminary Detention.
December 14 J. V. Stalin is deported to Vologda for three years, to remain under open police surveillance.
December 25 J. V. Stalin arrives in Vologda.

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