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Decembrists – Revolutionaries of the nobility who were opposed to the autocratic monarchy and serfdom. They organised an unsuccessful revolt in December 1825.

Manilovism – Smug complacency, inactivity, futile daydreaming; from Manilov, a character in Gogol's Dead Souls.

Okhrana – Secret political police department in tsarist Russia, formed to combat the revolutionary movement.

Nepman – A private manufacturer, trader, or profiteer in the early period of the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Technical minimum – Minimum level of technical knowledge required of workers in Socialist industry.

Trudoviki – A petty-bourgeois group formed in 1906 consisting of part of the peasant members of the First State Duma headed by Socialist-Revolutionary intellectuals.

Borotbists – Left wing of the Ukrainian Social-Revolutionaries, a chauvinist nationalist party; until 1918 they published a central organ known as Borotba.
Zemsky Nachalnik – An official with police, magisterial and administrative functions appointed from the nobility.

Zemsky Sobor – An assembly of representatives of the estates convened in Russia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to deliberate with the government.