Polit Buro and the Church

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  Politburo And The Church, Kremlin Archives

N. Petrovsky, S.G. Petrov 

 Record of the results of voting in the Politburo of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) on the proposal of MI Kalinin to abolish the death sentence to two priests in the case of the Shuya clergy and believers [May 2, 1922]

No. 24-2

[May 2, 1922]


Comrade LENIN

Trotsky Approve the decision of the Revolutionary Stalin    Tribunal.


Comrade RYKOV For commutation of the death sentence.

TOMSKY                 For canceling the sentence

KAMENEV             For canceling the sentence.

- L. 4. Typewritten copy of that time, made for the office work of the Central Committee of the RCP (b). A stamp and a handwritten note on the document's belonging to the proceedings of the Politburo meeting, minutes No. 5, item 23 of May 4, 1922 (No. 24-5). Stamp of the Secret Archives of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) with an inventory number. Dated to No. 24-5.