Polit Buro and the Church

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  Politburo And The Church, Kremlin Archives

N. Petrovsky, S.G. Petrov 

Resolution of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) "on the Moscow process in connection with the confiscation of valuables." From the minutes of the meeting of the Politburo No. 5, paragraph 6 of May 4, 1922


6.— On the Moscow process in connection with the confiscation of valuables. ( Comrades Trotsky, Kamenev, Beck).

a) Issue a directive to the Moscow Tribunal

1) immediately bring Tikhon to court, 2) apply capital punishment to the priests.

b) In view of insufficient press coverage of the Moscow trial, instruct Comrade Trotsky, on behalf of the Politburo, to instruct the editors of all Moscow newspapers today about the need to pay incomparably greater attention to this process and, in particular, to clarify the role of the upper echelons of the church hierarchy.


-                      L. 6. Typewritten copy of a later extract on the letterhead of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) - RCP (b) of the 1930s. The form contains the wrong date: "5.V-1922". Below is a handwritten note:Kk

(Kkh?). help . Mater [ials] see subsection - about Tikhon. " Under it is a litter with the other hand, referring to the resolution of the Politburo meeting, protocol No. 6, clause 18c "dated 8 / V-22" (No. 24-12).

-                      APRF, f. 3, op. 60, d.25, l. 5. Another copy of the same typewritten bookmark. In the form, the number "5" in the typewritten date has been corrected by hand to "4".

-                      APRF, f. 3, op. 1, d.274, l. 6 - rev. Draft minutes of the Politburo meeting. Handwritten script on a sheet of lined paper. In item a 1) “immediately” is written with the same hand above the line. In item a 2) “to the priests” is inscribed with the same hand above the line. At the end of p. B, "top" is converted from "supreme". At the bottom left is the mailing record: “p. and Beck, Kamenev, everything to Trotsky. " For the list of those present, see No. 23-40.