Polit Buro and the Church

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  Politburo And The Church, Kremlin Archives

N. Petrovsky, S.G. Petrov

Resolution of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) "on the release of funds for the All-Russian Central Executive Committee". From the minutes of the meeting of the Politburo No.

117, paragraph 3 of April 2, 1922


No. 23-33


3. - On the release of funds for the AllRussian Central

Executive Committee

3. - 1) Release a special oversized loan of 24,000,000,000 rubles. for a gift to the 1st Cavalry Army.

2)     Release an oversized special loan of 15,000,000,000 rubles. for the United Military School named after the AllRussian Central Executive Committee.

3)     Release a special oversized loan of

 32 . 20,000,000,000 rubles. for the payment of wages to workers and employees of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee for March.

4) Release a special oversized loan of 5,000,000,000 rubles. collection commissions 33 .



-                      L. 53. Typewritten extract of that time on the letterhead of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) of the first half of the 1920s.

-                      APRF, f. 3, op. 1, d.269, l. 5. Draft minutes of the Politburo meeting. Typewritten extract on the letterhead of the Central Committee of the RCP (b), made in April 1922. Above the text of the extract is printed: “Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee. RCP dated 29 / III-22, No. 117 ". Above is the stamp on the document's belonging to the office work of the Politburo meeting, minutes No. 117, paragraph 3 of April 2, 1922. There is no list of those present and no agenda - only the results of the polls are in the file, the date of this registration is conditional.

Notes and Comments:

32                                         All amounts here are given in Soviet banknotes; their rate in April 1922 was 200,000 rubles. to 1 evil. ruble.

33                                         06.04 1922 The Bureau of the Central CICC stated the receipt of an amount of 10 billion rubles. for the confiscation of valuables, deciding to transfer them from the Gokhran to the Financial Department of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, where the Bureau ordered to concentrate all the sums allocated for the expenses of the confiscation campaign, for their subsequent spending "as needed" (Minutes No. 7, p. 2). On the same day, the Bureau approved the estimate of the Moscow CICC for campaigning in the amount of 6 billion rubles. The account in this document, as in No. 23-33, is kept in Soviet banknotes - GARF, f. 1235, op. 140, d.59, l. 38.

Later, the Bureau several times authorized the release of funds to the provincial CICC: April 10, 1922 - 500 million rubles. Kaluga CICC, April 12, 1922 - 500 million rubles. Tula CICC; then it was decided to release the provincial CICC for transportation costs of 300 million rubles. to the province. The Tver CICC received them on April 20, 1922, and on 05/04/1922, the Kostroma province received an additional 300 million for the purpose of seizure - ibid, fol. 39o6., 40, 41, 44.

The uncertified protocol No. 9 of 02.04 1922 contains clause 3 of the decree on the disbursement of funds to the head of the Main Political Education Department Yakovlev (apparently for the Moscow CICC). The amount is indicated not in words, but only in numbers - and this figure is fantastic: 3,000,000,000,000 rubles, the last zero being reprinted later.

Apparently, the document contains an error of three orders of magnitude, and we are talking about half of the above-mentioned estimated amount of 6 billion rubles; the second half of this amount (3 billion rubles) was released to Yakovlev on May 10, 1922 (minutes No. 9, p. 3 and No. 15, p. 3) - ibid., p. 40, 46. See also comm. 48 to the appendix. It is unclear, of the same total amount of 6 billion rubles. or, along with it, Glavpolitprosvet received on April 18, 1922, 1.5 billion rubles. through Pomgol according to the decree of 11.04 1922 of the Trotsky Commission for the Concentration of Values - ibid., fol. 51. Soon after this payment, on May 24, 1922, the Central Committee of Pomgol asked in a secret note addressed to JV Stalin to make a special decision on additional financing of the "antiTihon's agitation" - ibid., P. 61. See also No. P-80 and P-73.