Polit Buro and the Church

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  Politburo And The Church, Kremlin Archives

N. Petrovsky, S.G. Petrov

"Minutes No. 4 of the meeting of the Commission for the confiscation of valuables in the Moscow province" dated March 23, 1922

No. 23-27

March 23, 1922

Comrades Sapronov, Medved, Stukov, Arkus, Bazilevich, Vinokurov, Krasikov and Breslav were present.

Order of the day:

1. Report of the Agitation Commission. 2. Report of the Technical Commission.

3.  About the Deputy Chairman.

4.  Approval of the district commissions.



1. Report of the Agitation Commission.

Comrade Stukov.

1. To state that the work on agitation and propaganda is not intensive enough.

The speaker informs that 8000 leaflets To ask the MK and regional are being printed. Various literature committees to give all the has already been sent to the forces at their disposal for districts. The arrival of peasants from agitation and propaganda to the province is not satisfactory, in the this work. Republic of Tatarstan the issue of confiscating church valuables is 2. The supply of the arriving good. A leaflet of the Moscow peasants and agitators with Committee "Who are they" was food and money shall be issued. Notes of the Red Army are entrusted to being printed. Money is required for Comrade Morgunov.

printing, also 3. To consider it necessary paper. Glavpolitprosvet is passive tomorrow 24 / III to make a about the execution of the work of report at a closed meeting of agitation and propaganda entrusted the MC. Report to instruct to it; various inexpediences in          comrade. Sapronov.

conducting this work are also noted. 4. To draw the attention of the    MK       and       the        Central Committee to the fact that among the mobilized comrades to speak at factories and plants, as well as to write articles, there is a failure to fulfill the orders assigned to them, that is, performances and reports in the press, which threatens to disrupt the entire campaign. Suggest the Agitation Subcommission to investigate the reasons for this phenomenon and take appropriate measures through the party organs. Report the results to the Chairman of the Commission by 4 o'clock 24 /


5.         Instruct the Agitation Commission to get in touch with the editors so that all incoming articles and resolutions from workers, peasants and Red Army men should immediately go to the press. Take all measures to ensure that there are as many articles as possible on the confiscation of church valuables, for example: theft of priests, appeals from bishops            and clergy to confiscate church valuables,             etc.

6.          Instruct Comrade. Krasikov to collect all          the          resolutions          and appeals of the clergy on the seizure of church values. 7. Get in touch with the Moscow Printing Department about the early release of the book: "Number of the Journal of the Revolution and the Church."

8. In view of the return of Comrade. Compatriots from the trip to invite her to take on her    direct     duties    in            the Commission                for          the confiscation of valuables.

2.  Report of the Technical Commission.

Comrade Bear.

[2]   To oblige the Technical The speaker points to the political

Commission       to       provide state of the mountains. Moscow and accurate information about the province. churches and the political Comrade Bazilevich speaks about mood of believers by Monday technical preparation for removal in

27 / III.

the mountains. Moscow and notes that the work has been prepared for withdrawal.

[3]   In view of the fact that

3.  About the Deputy        Comrade. The bear is too

Chairman. Comrade Sapronov. busy and his work, as a military one, requires a constant presence in the

Moscow City Yuriy 1 * to instruct Comrade Sapronov tomorrow 24 / III talk with Comrade. Trotsky on this issue.

[4]   To approve the Commission of the Zamoskvoretsky district.

4. Approval of the district commissions.

Instruct comrade Bazilevich by Monday 27 / III to collect lists of all regional commissions. It is also desirable to county ones.

  Chairman SAPRONOV

Secretary LICIS 2 * 22

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Notes and Comments:

1  * Corrected by BV, in A KGPO.

2  * Corrected by BV, in A LATSIS.

22  In the absence on the documents of the standard official wording "Secretary" V. Litsis, signing, indicated his position as follows: "Secretary of Beloborodov" (CA FSB, f. 1, op. 6, d. 411, l. 32); “Secretary of Ts. K. on seizure "(GARF, f. 1235, op. 140, d. 60, l. 481); “Secretary of the CICC” (ibid., Fol. 480). See also comm. 7 to d.