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  Soviet Archives - Collection of Government Documents on Workers

From the Collection of enactment and decrees of the government for 1921, Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR

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No 85 Article No. 422.

Decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars.

Cancellation of some cash payments.

The Council of Peopleʹs Commissars decided:

To instruct the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Finance, by agreement with the relevant departments, within two weeks to submit to the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars a detailed draft decree on the implementation of measures on the basis of the theses set out below:

a)                   Abolish fees for all telegrams and other postal and telegraphic operations, both when sent by state institutions and enterprises, and when official telegrams are sent by officials to these institutions and enterprises.

b)                  Abolish payments for the use of telephone, water supply, sewerage, gas and electricity from government agencies and enterprises, as well as from their workers and employees.

c)                   Abolish the payment for fuel of any kind provided by the plans of the Main Fuel Committee from state enterprises and institutions, as well as from their workers and employees.

d)                  Abolish the payment for products released by the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Food to supply consumers who receive them through the Food Supply Subdivision of Factory and Fuel Enterprises (Prodfaztop), the Central Food Bureau of the All‐Russian Railway Union (Prodput), the Main Directorate of Water Transport (Glavod) and the Main Directorate for the supply of the Red Army and Navy with food and basic necessities (Glavsnabprodarm), Petrograd Food Commune (Petrokommuna), Moscow Consumer Society (M.P.O.) and on cards of the first and second categories everywhere.

e)                   Abolish the payment for living quarters of state workers, and employees (included persons living with them in the allocated premises) living in nationalized or municipalized premises.

f)                    The rights of state institutions in the sense of this resolution are also granted to the Communist International, the All‐Russian Central Council of Trade Unions and the All‐Russian Central Union of Consumer Societies with all central and local organizations that are part of these institutions.

g)                  By the abolition of payment in the sense of this regulation, it is understood not only the cancellation of payment in cash, but also the cancellation of the settlements of cash negotiable transfers specified in


h) The aforementioned cases of wage cancellation shall also be extended to all invalids of war and labor, to the wives, widows, children and parents of the Red Army and military seamen and to all persons in the care of the Peopleʹs Commissariat. Social Security or the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Health (including for women in childbirth).

Signed by:

Chairman of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars V. Ulyanov (Lenin) .

Administrator of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars Vlad. BonchBruevich .

Secretary L. Fotieva .

October 11, 1920.

Published in No. 233 Izvestia of the All‐Russian Central Executive

Committee of Soviets dated October 19, 1920.