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From the Collection of enactment and decrees of the government for 1921, Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR

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No. 31, article 168

Resolution of the Council of Labor and Defense.

Leave for workers and employees in 1921 (Provisional Regulations).

The Labor and Defense Council decided:

Leave to workers and employees for 1921

1.                   Workers and employees of all branches of labor who have worked in enterprises or for a private person for at least six months without interruption have the right once during 1921 to receive regular leave with all types of maintenance and with the payment of salaries in advance. The holiday pay retains the food ration he receives in full.

Note 1 . In a six‐month period of work, if it is continuous, work in other enterprises, institutions and farms is counted.

Note 2 . Demobilized skilled workers who have been in the Red Army for at least one year and are directly sent to work in the order of labor service, enjoy the right of regular leave after 3 months from the date of entering the enterprise.

2.                   In the current 1921, the duration of the vacation in view of the fuel crisis and the need to make the most of the factories, the operation of which will not be terminated for a long period, is set, in the form of an exemption, at two weeks. For those who worked in especially hazardous industries, as well as for adolescents under 18 years of age, additional two‐week holidays are established.

3.                   Additional vacations for workers in especially hazardous industries are granted in 1921 according to the list of professions approved by the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Labor by agreement with the AllRussian Central Council of Trade Unions for the same purpose in 1920.

4.                   Maintenance during the vacation is paid according to the average earnings of the previous three months prior to the vacation. When calculating the amount of average earnings, the wage rate, overtime pay and bonus wages are taken into account, and the maintenance is issued for the time of both current and additional holidays.

5.                   Holidays are granted throughout 1921 in the order of queues established by the factory committees and local committees in agreement with the management, enterprise, institution and economy.

6.                   Workers and employees who did not use their right to leave in 1921 through the fault of the enterprise and institution, are compensated by the payment of the corresponding maintenance, calculated as indicated in Art. 4 of this resolution in order. Payment of compensation is made no earlier than December 1921 according to the average earnings at the time of payment of compensation.

7.                   The use of leave must be noted in the payroll and workbook or other relevant document.

8.                   This regulation does not apply to sick leave allowed by the Medical and Control Commissions.

9.                   In 1921, all types of leave except agricultural and allowed for sickness may not exceed a month in total.

About agricultural special leaves for workers and employees who have their own agriculture.

10.                Workers and employees who receive a salary of not more than 12 categories inclusive and who have their own agriculture and who want to use leave for field work in it are provided during the period of field work, in addition to the next two‐week leave, specially a 2week agricultural leave. Moreover, if the farm of the worker is located in the province of the location of the enterprise, then the monthly leave can be used by the worker in two steps, in other cases only in one step.

Note 1 . Workers receiving salaries up to category 12 inclusive, hired by the enterprise during the winter of 1920‐1921. in the order of labor mobilization, those who have their own agriculture and need leave for field work, receive another leave regardless of the time worked in the enterprise.

Note 2 . The right to special agricultural leave for work in agriculture does not apply to workers of enterprises and institutions subordinate to the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Ways of Communication, with the exception of those involved during the winter of 1920‐1921. by way of labor mobilization. The next two‐week leave should be provided in these enterprises during the summer, first of all, to workers and employees who have their own agriculture.

Note 3 . Provincial Councils of Trade Unions (Gubsovprofam) and Provincial Departments (Gubotdels) of Labor are granted the right, upon the proposal of the Provincial Councils of National Economy (Gubsovnarkhozes) and Factory Administrations of trusted enterprises, not to extend the right of special leave for work in agriculture to individual enterprises, industries and professions. In such enterprises, regular vacations are provided during the summer, primarily to workers and employees who have their own agriculture.

11.                Land of workers and employees who do not receive agricultural two‐week leave, according to notes 2 and 3 to Art. 10, is processed by the order of the Volost Executive Committees and the Volost Committees for the expansion of crops and improvement of land cultivation (Volposevkoms). For the total, the administrations of enterprises and institutions send in a timely manner to the relevant Volispolkoms a message about workers and employees deprived of the right to special agricultural leave.

12.                During the use of the additional two‐week leave for agricultural work, the workers who use it receive neither remuneration nor inkind allowance.

13.                Special agricultural vacations are granted to workers and employees only upon presentation of a certificate from the relevant Volyspolkom about the actual availability of a worker and employee of their farm. In the absence of such a certificate, leave is granted only with the guarantee of the factory committee and under its collective responsibility. Persons who have received a special agricultural leave leave their documents at the enterprise and receive a temporary certificate from the enterprise. Upon returning from vacation, workers and employees are required to present a certificate from the relevant committee for expanding crops and improving land cultivation or the Executive Committee that the vacation is actually used to work in their agriculture. Persons who have not submitted such certificates or who have overdue their leave,

14.                The Peopleʹs Commissariat of Ways of Communication is instructed to develop and publish, together with the All‐Russian Central Council of Trade Unions, the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Labor and the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Internal Affairs, instructions on the procedure for transporting vacation pay within a week.

Signed by:

Chairman of the Council of Labor and Defense V. Ulyanov (Lenin) .

L. Fotieva, Secretary of the Council of Labor and Defense .

April 8, 1921.

Published in No. 77 of Izvestia of the All‐Russian Central Executive

Committee of Soviets dated April 10, 1921.