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  Soviet Archives - Collection of Government Documents on Workers

From the Collection of enactment and decrees of the government for 1921, Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR

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On the return to work in their specialty of tax workers. ( Izv. No. 213, S. U. 65‐488 ). 

Article No. 488.

Decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars.

In order to provide tax institutions subordinate to the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Finance with the necessary staff of experienced workers and instructors in tax matters, the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars decided:

1.                   Recognize work in the tax area as shock with the provision of a ration and the amount to be established by the Workersʹ Supply Commission to the following tax workers: Head of the Tax Department of the Provincial Finance Department, provincial auditors‐instructors, heads of tax departments of the Provincial Finance Departments and financial inspectors.

2.                   To oblige the relevant authorities to book a certain amount of the usual necessary industrial clothing for tax officials who are obliged to travel and walk around the areas assigned to them.

3.                   To instruct the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Labor, as necessary, to seize tax workers with the training and experience specified in paragraph 4, and who are not employed in their specialty, as serving in state institutions, enterprises and farms of the civil and military department and in the ranks of the Red Army, and not being in those, for appointment to work in their specialty, except for the heads of departments of the Peopleʹs Commissariats. For persons subject to transfer to the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Food, in accordance with paragraph 3 of the Decree of the Labor and Defense Council of July 20, 1921, this decree does not apply.

4.                   Persons who have served as tax inspectors and their assistants for the last ten years shall be subject to withdrawal.

5.                   The procedure for the withdrawal and distribution of tax workers is established by the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Labor in agreement with the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Finance.

Signed by:

Chairman of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars V. Ulyanov (Lenin) .

N. Gorbunov, Administrator of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars .

Secretary L. Fotieva .

September 19, 1921.

Published in No. 213 Izvestia of the All‐Russian Central Executive

Committee of Soviets dated September 24, 1921.