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  Soviet Archives - Collection of Government Documents on Workers

From the Collection of enactment and decrees of the government for 1921, Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR

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About the planned distribution of the peat bogsʹ labor force. ( S. U. 37‐202 ). 

Article No. 202.

Resolution of the Council of Labor and Defense.

About the planned distribution of the peat bogsʹ labor force.

In order to ensure the most successful implementation of the upcoming peat campaign, in accordance with the production program of the current year, with regard to the planned distribution of the peat workersʹ workforce for peat extraction in predetermined quantities, for each peat extraction separately, the Labor and Defense Council decided:

1.                   Artel chiefs who have pledged to form an artel of workers and women workers for any enterprise for the coming season are prohibited from transferring themselves or transferring these artels to another enterprise and generally entering into negotiations and agreements with agents of other enterprises for the same season.

2.                   Recruited peat bogs and peat bogs are prohibited from transferring from one elder to another.

3.                   Equally, it is strictly forbidden for local labor authorities to register the same peat bogs and peat bogs simultaneously in different artels and for different enterprises.

4.                   It is strictly forbidden for the hiring agents of cooperatives to deviate in negotiations and contracts from the terms of remuneration established uniformly and equally for all enterprises.

Note . Persons guilty of luring artels or individual members of artels by promises with food, manufacture, cash bonuses in excess of the rules and norms approved by the Main Peat Committee ‐ are punished in accordance with paragraph 7 of this resolution.

5.                   The last day of the end of peat work is scheduled for the eleventh of July of the new style, that is, the eve of Peterʹs day. No enterprise has the right to retain peat bogs, without their consent, beyond the above period.

6.                   When distributing the workforce of peat bogs, instruct the Main Peat Committee, first of all, to provide it with peat mining at the State Power Plants, Electric Power Transmission, Shaturskaya and Utkina Creek in Petrograd.

7.                   Persons guilty of violating this regulation are held accountable in accordance with the general procedure; Agents and persons of the administration of peat extraction for violation of this decision are subjected to the court of the Revolutionary Tribunal and are punished by forced labor in concentration camps.

Signed by:

Chairman of the Council of Labor and Defense V. Ulyanov (Lenin).

L. Fotieva, Secretary of the Council of Labor and Defense .

April 20, 1921.