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From the Collection of enactment and decrees of the government for 1921, Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR

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On the procedure for deducting products to the in‐kind fund, according to the decree of S.N.K. dated April 7, 1921 ( Izv. No. 107, S. U. 45‐224). 

Article No. 224.

Decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars.

1. Effect of the decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars of April 7 ( 1921, No. 28, Art. 156 ) on the provision of temporary experience to workers and employees of some of the industries of some of the products they produce for exchange for agricultural production applies for the period from May 15 to August 30, 1921 to nationalized enterprises:

a)   textile,

b)  tobacco,

c)   matchboxes,

d)  utensils (including those producing metal, wood and other utensils),

e)   starch‐treacle,

f)    salt,

g)  soap‐making, perfumery and vegetable oils,

h)  confectionery,

i)    generating tea and coffee surrogates,

j)    shoe,

l)      sewing,

m)  flour mills,

m) oil,

o) coal,

n) iron‐hardware,

p) sugar.

Note 1. The deduction is made in relation to the total gross production of each of the enterprises specified in 1, and the deduction is made not by all items, but only by those that are not included in the list of items reserved for the state fund. The specified list is compiled within two weeks by the Usage Commission.

Note 2 . The further extension of the decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars of April 7 to other enterprises and the resolution of all other issues related to the decree of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars of April 7 and this Resolution is determined according to the instructions of experience by special instructions developed by the Commission of representatives of the Council of Labor and Defense The All‐Russian Central Council of Trade Unions, the Commission for the Use of the Peopleʹs Commissariat of Food and the Supreme Council of the National Economy.

2.                   A certain percentage of the output of the enterprises listed in 1 shall be deducted to the fund in kind, provided, firstly, that the enterprise has completed at least 60% of the production program approved in the established manner and, secondly, that the existing legal provisions and rules on complete the termination of all payments of wages in kind, other than those established by this decree.

Note . This decree shall be suspended if, as a result of its application, previously observed thefts of products are not stopped.

The amount of the deduction is determined by instructions approved by the Commission specified in note 2 of 1, but cannot exceed % and only in some exceptional cases 5% of gross output, depending on the nature of production, product value, size of the enterprise, etc. These instructions must be issued no later than 2 weeks from the date of publication of this Resolution.

3.                   The above deduction to the in‐kind bonus fund is made monthly on the basis of information about the finished product received at the warehouse within a month.

4.                   The actual deduction of the goods must be made no later than the 5th day of the next month on the basis of an act of receipt of the corresponding quantity of goods at the warehouse. The act must be signed by representatives of the factory management, the factory committee, the Workers ʹand Peasantsʹ Inspection and the head of the warehouse.

Note . In cases where it is necessary to carry out the work of any of the preparatory departments on a larger scale than the work of the departments that hand over the finished products, the account of this work is made especially according to the instructions specified in 2.

5.                   The goods allocated to the in‐kind bonus fund shall be assigned to give bonuses to all workers and employees of the given enterprise and its management bodies, provided that the employees of the enterprises are members of this trade union.

The basis for calculating the bonus is the unit of the finished product, the output of each of the departments of the enterprise is transferred to the main product, in accordance with the ratio established in this production for payment of piecework.

The distribution of the bonus is made according to the personal development or participation in the work of each employee on the basis of a special instruction issued by the All‐Russian Central Council of Trade Unions and the relevant economic management body (with the knowledge of the Commission specified in note 2 to


Note . An agreement of several enterprises on the concentration of the production of products for the natural resources on one of them is allowed to serve groups of enterprises, subject to the permission of the Council of Labor and Defense for each individual case. Certain exemptions can also be made in the form of extending this to employees of management bodies; but not otherwise than by a special resolution of the Labor and Defense Council for each individual case.

6.                   The goods allocated in accordance with 4 of these Regulations to the in‐kind bonus fund are transferred to the disposal of the respective cooperative within the time limits established by agreement between the enterprise and the cooperative.

7.                   The number of products followed by each worker and employee is recorded in his paybook, and this is immediately reported by the appropriate management bodies to the local cooperative for entering into the personal account of this worker or employee.

8.                   All persons entitled to receive a bonus in kind, if they wish to receive it in the products of their enterprise, must make an application to the cooperative about this within a week from the day they receive their paybook with a record of the goods due to them.

Note . The total annual quantity of goods given out to individual workers and employees by products of their own production must not exceed the quantity approved according to the instructions specified in 2.

9.                   Goods not claimed by workers and employees of an enterprise from cooperatives directly to their hands in the manner specified in 8, as well as goods remaining at the disposal of cooperatives, due to exceeding the value specified in 3, go to the restoration of the commodity exchange fund for exchange for food according to the Decree of the Council of Labor and Defense of May 13 ( Collected Uzak. 1921, No. 40, art. 212 ) on the exchange fund of workers and employees.

10.                The products obtained by the cooperative as a result of the use of the exchange fund are issued only to persons who have deposited their premium or part of it into the general exchange fund. Issuance is made according to the amount of the premium paid.

11.                The question of which of the local cooperatives the natural resources are transferred by this enterprise should be resolved by the local organization within two weeks from the date the enterprise receives this Resolution.

Signed by:

Chairman of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars V. Ulyanov (Lenin).

N. Gorbunov, Administrator of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars .

L. Fotieva, Secretary of the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars .

May 17, 1921.

Published in No. 107 of the News of the All‐Russian Central Executive

Committee of Soviets dated May 19, 1921.