17th Conference

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Seventeenth Conference of the All-Union Communist Party (b). January 30 - February 4, 1932.

Verbatim record. - Moscow: Partizdat, 1932

The seventeenth conference of the CPSU (b) took place on January 30 - February 4, 1932 in Moscow; 386 delegates attended with a casting vote and 525 with an advisory vote.

Order of the day: Results of industrial development in 1931 and tasks of 1932 (lecturer GK Ordzhonikidze); Directives for the preparation of the 2nd five-year plan of the national economy of the USSR for 1933–37. (V.M. Molotov and V.V. Kuibyshev).

The conference noted that the results of industrial development in 1931 ensured the fulfillment of the directives of the 16th Congress of the CPSU (b) (1930) on the completion of the 1st five-year plan in 4 years. In 1931, industrial production increased by 20%. The largest enterprises were put into operation: the Nizhny Novgorod (Gorkovsky) and Moscow Automobile Plants, the Kharkov Tractor Plant and the Saratov Combine Plant, the 1st stage of the Ural Heavy Engineering Plant, etc. A new coal and metallurgical base was laid - the Ural-Kuzbass Combine. The technical base of the national economy created during the years of the 1st five-year plan made it possible to develop all branches of industry and ensure the further reconstruction and mechanization of agriculture. The foundation of the socialist economy in the USSR was laid. The conference pointed out a number of shortcomings in the work of industry,

The conference worked out guidelines for drawing up a plan for the second five-year plan for 1933-37. It was emphasized that the reconstruction of the national economy requires a complete mastery of technology, the creation of a cadre of technical intelligentsia from among workers and peasants, and an increase in the cultural level of all working people.

The conference consolidated the line on improving the methods of industrial management, rejected the leftist proposals on the transition to "product exchange", on the "withering away of money" already at this stage of building socialism.