XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

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  XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

8 October, (Evening meeting)

Presiding A.. Niyazov.

The meeting continued to discuss the report of Comrade. M.Z. Saburov.

At the end of the meeting, the congress was greeted by representatives of foreign communist and workersʹ parties.

Matthias Rakosi, (Hungarian Workersʹ Party)

Dear comrades! On behalf of the Hungarian Workersʹ Party and the Hungarian working people, I warmly greet the 19th Congress of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks). (Stormy, prolonged applause.)

I am happy to take this opportunity here, at the Bolshevik Party Congress, to express the endless gratitude and gratitude of the Hungarian working people to the mighty Soviet Union and beloved leader Comrade Stalin for the liberation of our Motherland. (Stormy, long‐lasting applause).

The Hungarian people have lived in chains for centuries: they were oppressed by foreign oppressors, exploited by their own landowners and capitalists. The struggle of the Hungarian people for freedom, which they had been striving for centuries, was suppressed in blood, until, finally, the Soviet Union, with its liberation struggle, knocked the shackles from the hands of the Hungarian working people. For the first time in their history, the Hungarian working people live freely, can freely build their best future, and for the first time in their experience they feel what mighty things the people are capable of, whose free development is no longer hindered by capitalist exploitation or the oppression of foreign oppressors. (Applause.)

The Hungarian people, under the leadership of the Hungarian Workersʹ Party, were able to use the freedom they received as a result of the heroic, victorious struggle of the Soviet Union to establish and consolidate the system of peopleʹs democracy in Hungary. The Hungarian people realized that the prosperity, independence and independence of their homeland will be ensured only if, relying on the Soviet Union, they embark on the path of socialism. (Applause.)

The Hungarian working people see in the Soviet Union not only their liberator, but also the example they follow, they see the guarantee of their prosperity and happiness. Our working people realized that their place is in the 800 million camp of the world, headed by the Soviet Union. In the ranks of this camp, he honestly and selflessly fights to secure his better future, against the imperialist warmongers.

The forces of our liberated working people have multiplied thanks to the disinterested friendly assistance that the Soviet Union and personally Comrade Stalin of the Hungarian peopleʹs democracy have rendered and are rendering in the economic and political fields. This help and support are essential to our development and our success. This disinterested help and support gave us the opportunity to cope with difficulties and transform our Motherland from a backward agricultural country into an industrial country building socialism in a few short years. (Applause.)

Invaluable help meant and means for the Hungarian Party of Workers that we had and have at our disposal the richest experience of the Bolshevik Party, the experience of the Soviet Union, that we could and can freely draw from this treasury, constantly learning to apply this experience in Hungarian conditions.

The Hungarian working people are well aware of this and strive to study and master the experience of the development and struggle of the All‐Union Communist Party and the Soviet Union as best as possible.

Not only every communist in Hungary, but the entire Hungarian working people are watching with close attention the work of the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Our people are happy to welcome the fifth five‐year plan for the development of the Soviet Union, which is a significant step towards the transition from socialism to communism. Our people understand that the economic, cultural strengthening and further rise of the Soviet Union at the same time serve the cause of the development of countries building socialism, including our country, and give new strength to the peace camp fighting against the imperialist warmongers. The Hungarian working people understand that the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union opens up new opportunities, new prospects for them as well. (Stormy applause.)

The unshakable unity, solidarity, bold, healthy, constructive criticism and self‐criticism that we are witnessing here at the Congress and which constitute the source of new victories serve as an example for all of us, give new strength to the 800 million camp of peace and all people in the world fighting for a better, free, socialist future. (Stormy applause.)

The publication of a new brilliant work by our beloved, wise leader Comrade Stalin, ʺEconomic Problems of Socialism in the USSRʺ, attaches particular importance to the 19th Congress. This work for us also far illuminates the path on which we must confidently go forward in order to consolidate our achievements and achieve new successes in the struggle for the prosperity and happiness of our people. (Applause.)

The Hungarian Party of Workers and the Hungarian people wholeheartedly wish success to the vanguard of the international revolutionary workers ʹmovement, the vanguard of the peoplesʹ struggle for freedom and peace, the glorious Communist Party of the Soviet Union, battle‐hardened, and its 19th Congress. (Stormy applause.)

May the mighty Soviet people and the world camp of peace, the inspirer of all our successes, the loyal friend of the Hungarian people, the brilliant leader of working mankind, the great Stalin, live for long, long years, full of strength and health, and lead forward from victory to victory! (Loud, prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up).