XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

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  XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

8 October, (Morning session)

Presiding V.M. Andrianov.

The meeting unanimously approved the Report of the Central Auditing

Commission of the CPSU (b).

The Congress hears a report by Comrade M.Z. Saburov ʺDirectives of the XIX Party Congress on the fifth five‐year plan for the development of the USSR for 1951 ‐ 1955ʺ and proceeds to discuss it.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of foreign communist parties spoke.

Organizational matters

The chairperson gives the floor for a proposal on the report of the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU (b) comrade. Aristov. He makes the following proposal: to approve the report of the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU (b). The proposal was adopted unanimously.

The congress proceeds to discuss the third item on the agenda: ʺDirectives of the XIX Party Congress on the fifth five‐year plan for the development of the USSR for 1951‐1955.ʺ The floor is given to the Chairman of the USSR State Planning Committee, Comrade M.Z. Saburov.

Luigi Longo, (Italian Communist Party)

Comrades! On behalf of the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party and Comrade Togliatti personally, I convey to the

19th Congress of the Bolshevik Party and its great leader Comrade Stalin fraternal greetings and congratulations on behalf of two and a half million Communists and Komsomol members, from workers, peasants, and all working people and democrats in Italy! (Stormy, prolonged applause.)

In the person of your Congress and in the person of Comrade Stalin, we greet the saviors of Europe and the whole world from fascist oppression, the builders of a new, communist society, who show mankind the path to liberation and ascent, defenders of peace and friendship of all peoples!

The working people and democrats of Italy realize that they were able to free themselves from fascism and foreign occupation thanks to the heroic struggle of the armed forces and peoples of the Soviet Union against the Nazi hordes of Hitler.

Workers, peasants, poor and destitute people, the unemployed of our cities and villages suffer gravely under the yoke of capitalism, the basic law of which, as Comrade Stalin rightly defined, is the pursuit of maximum profit.

But our working people know that here in the Soviet Union, under your leadership, under the leadership of the great party of Lenin and Stalin, a new society is being created in which such disasters as exploitation, which are more and more persecuting our workers, have disappeared long ago and irrevocably. man, by man, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy. They know that here, in your country, where all class privileges have been abolished and the economic system and social relations have been changed, there is a continuous and rapid growth of industry, agriculture and culture, and 200 million Soviet workers are building a communist society! (Stormy applause.)

These great victories of communism delight the Italian workers, strengthen their aspirations for social justice and progress and inspire them to fight.

They understand that your victories are the victories of all mankind. Each of your successes in the field of production, technology and science strengthens the activities of your government to maintain peace in the world and strengthen fraternal peaceful ties between peoples. The great new tasks that, under the leadership of Comrade Stalin, your congress is preparing to outline for the leading activities of your party and for the creative efforts of the peoples of the Soviet Union, confirm, on the one hand, the enormous possibilities for the development of socialist society and, on the other hand, are new convincing proof of peaceful aspirations and the politics of peace of the Soviet Union.

We are aware that Italian and foreign warmongers will not stop antiSoviet and anti‐communist slander, their attempts to drag our country into new anti‐Soviet provocations and adventures, and sell our freedom and national independence.

In the face of these dangers that threaten the Italian people and their freedoms, in the face of the ever‐increasing hardships of the arms race, which, at the behest of the United States of America, is being placed on the shoulders of all the peoples of the marshallized countries, and especially on the shoulders of our people, all working people, all democrats, all Italian patriots for whom the fate and future of their homeland are dear, with boundless gratitude and fervent hope welcome the decisions to be taken by the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

These decisions will be a new advance in the cause of socialism and world peace. For us, they will be a subject of study and stimulus. We will try to get the most out of your work. Comrade Stalinʹs work ʺEconomic Problems of Socialism in the USSRʺ is an invaluable treasure for us.

For all of us, Comrade Stalin is a teacher and a leader. On the most difficult problems and in the most difficult times, Comrade Stalinʹs ideas help all of us to find the right solutions and the right path. (Prolonged applause.)

Armed with these ideas and drawing strength from your great conquests, we recognize that we have great obligations to our people. More than ever, we recognize the great honor, but also the great responsibility, to be members of a party that has as its fraternal party the great party of Lenin‐Stalin. (Applause.) Therefore, we are more than ever aware of our duty to be loyal members of our party, to be sincere and honest with it, to strengthen its discipline and, like the apple of our eye, to preserve its unity. We are fully aware of the duty to be constantly and closely connected with our people, which we, with the help of our organizational activities and political leadership, must lead to freedom, prosperity and socialism.

In the face of your great achievements, we are more than ever aware of our duty to permanently and completely put an end to any slander and lies, with the help of which they are trying to lead ordinary people from the path of the liberation struggle and socialism. We must be able to show in the most convincing way that the only true path to freeing the world from exploitation, unemployment, poverty and ignorance is the path indicated by Lenin and Stalin, this is the path traveled by the peoples of the Soviet Union, the Peopleʹs Republic of China and the Peopleʹs Democracies, this is the path the unification of all working people around the working class, the path of internationalism and fraternal ties between the peoples of all countries, the path of peace and socialism. (Prolonged applause.)

Comrade delegates to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! Comrade Togliatti, in the greetings sent on behalf of our Central Committee to your Congress, expresses confidence that no one will succeed in breaking or weakening the feelings of the working class and working people of Italy for the socialist country. (Prolonged applause.)

The cause for which you are fighting and for which you are working is our cause and the cause of all who believe in the future of humanity.

We wish you success in the work of your Congress, which will mark a new and glorious stage in your country!

We wish Comrade Stalin, a brave and invincible fighter for democracy, socialism and peace, many years of life! (Stormy, prolonged applause.)

Long live the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet

Union! (Applause.)

Long live the great banner of socialism, the banner of Marx‐EngelsLenin‐Stalin! (Stormy, long‐lasting applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up).