XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

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  XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

October 7th

(Evening meeting)

Presiding L.M. Kaganovich.

The meeting concluded the discussion of the reports of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU (b). The congress unanimously adopts a resolution on the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b).

At the meeting, speeches of foreign guests of the congress begin.

A.E. Korneichuk, (Ukrainian SSR )

Comrades, the heroic deeds of the multinational Soviet people, led by the Lenin‐Stalin Central Committee of our party, are the exploits that stood before us so brightly, once again kindled in our hearts the fiery feelings of boundless love and ardent gratitude to the inspirer of all our historical victories, our own father and teacher. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. (Applause.)

Comrade Malenkov in the reporting report of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) revealed all the greatness of the organizing role of our party, showed its inexhaustible energy, iron solidarity of the ranks, selfless struggle for communism, its heroic strength, which it draws from the immortal, all‐conquering teaching of Marxism‐Leninism, in the works of the great the leader of the working people of the whole world, Comrade Stalin.

Even at the dawn of a new era of mankind, discovered by the genius of Marx and Engels, the foremost sons of Russia, fearless revolutionaries, ignited in the hearts of the working people of the whole world the inextinguishable flame of the sacred struggle for the freedom of the oppressed and enslaved. One of the greatest victories of our party is that the Soviet people, brought up on the ideas of Lenin and Stalin, have now become a recognized teacher of life for all the peoples of the world. Not only the peoples of the Soviet Union, but now also the peoples of ancient China and other peopleʹs democracies call with deep respect and ardent love their elder brother the great Russian people, who gave Leninism to the world and by their heroic deeds shows everyone an example of a selfless struggle for freedom and happiness for of all the working people of the world.

The Ukrainians, preparing to solemnly celebrate the approaching date of the 300th anniversary of the Pereyaslav Rada, at which the reunification of Ukraine with Russia and the unification of the two fraternal peoples in a single Russian state took place, again turn to the history of their people. The more closely we look into our distant past, the more deeply we study the heroic struggle of the people for their freedom, the brighter and brighter the lofty and noble role of our elder brother, the great Russian people, stands before us. For centuries, he has provided fraternal assistance to his own sister, Ukraine. The Ukrainian people love their heroic past, but consider it their greatest national pride that they were honored to be the first to follow the great Russian people along the glorious path of October, that Lenin and Stalin stood at the cradle of the Ukrainian Soviet state, that the builder of the mighty Soviet Ukraine, the collector of all its ancestral land is the brilliant architect of communism, Comrade Stalin. (Applause.)

That is why in the days of difficult trials, when the German fascists betrayed the cities and villages of Ukraine to fire and sword, when not blue, but bloody waves surged on the old Dnieper and the Black Sea, our people did not kneel before the enemy. He believed in the Stalinist friendship of the Soviet peoples, believed that the brother nations would not spare their strength and blood in order to save their own sister, Ukraine, from death.

Let me convey from the depths of the heart of the Ukrainian people ardent love and eternal gratitude to the creator of our invincible strength, whose name is the sacred, indestructible Stalinist friendship of peoples ‐ to the great leader, teacher and friend of the Ukrainian people, Comrade Stalin! (Prolonged applause.)

The Ukrainian people consider the building of communism to be their closest and most vital matter and will spare no effort to fulfill the tasks of our dear party of Lenin ‐ Stalin with honor. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of industry, agriculture and the flourishing of Ukraineʹs culture, national in form and socialist in content.

With great excitement I read the new great work of Comrade Stalin, ʺEconomic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.ʺ How close to the heart of every Soviet person are the extremely clear, brilliant words of Iosif Vissarionovich, revealing the main features and requirements of the basic economic law of socialism ‐ ʺensuring maximum satisfaction of the constantly growing material and cultural needs of the entire society through continuous growth and improvement of socialist production based on high technology.ʺ

How the dreams of the greatest writers and figures of past eras fade before the truly great humanism of the fundamental economic law of socialism, discovered by the genius of Comrade Stalin! And ordinary people around the world will call this law the great Stalinist law of life. (Applause.) Its strength lies in the fact that it was born by the entire course of the economic development of a socialist country, a country in which everything is done by the will of the party for the sake of human happiness.

No country in the world, no matter how rich it may have, can spend as much money for the good of the people as our Soviet Fatherland spends. Only one Ukrainian Soviet Republic for the construction of cities, villages, factories, for the construction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, the South Ukrainian Canal, the irrigation system of which, if pulled in one thread, can encircle the globe, for health care, education, culture, for raising living standards people spend incomparably more than all the capitalist countries of Europe, including the big states and the completely indebted Benelux!

The capital of Ukraine has risen from ruins, and today Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. His Taras Shevchenko University before the October Revolution had four faculties, and now ‐ eleven faculties. His scientific schools of physicists, mathematicians and chemists are widely known. By the end of the five‐year plan, Kiev University will have 9 thousand students. If in tsarist Russia there were 131 thousand students in all higher educational institutions, including higher womenʹs courses, now only in Ukraine there are more than 250 thousand students in higher educational institutions. The Ukrainian national culture is growing so rapidly under the leadership of our party.

A prominent Italian scientist recently visited Kiev. He told me how unemployed people now live in caves in southern Italy, laborers, workers with their families, homeless people ‐ over 200 thousand people.

The capitalists of Italy, who put the yoke of Wall Street around the neck of the people, drove into the caves and under the ancient Roman aqueducts the sons of the great Italian nation, which created brilliant works of art, literature and science, the nation that gave birth to the great fighters for the freedom and honor of the Italian people Garibaldi and Palmiro Togliatti. This is how inexorably the basic wolf law of capitalist society acts, which the common people of the world justly called the law of death.

You can deprive people of a mole and bread, but the imperialists will never succeed in breaking their will to fight for a brighter future! Millions of people around the world, outstanding scientists, writers who are the pride of their nations ‐ Joliot‐Curie, Bernal, Go Mo‐jo, Paul Eluard, Jorge Amadou, Howard Fast, Paul Robson, Anna Segers and hundreds of others are at the forefront of progressive humanity ... These are our friends in the great cause of the struggle for the happiness of mankind. We, the Soviet people, are rightfully proud of this.

We understand the whole tragedy of the American people, whose best sons are thrown into prisons, brutally persecuted, and the rulers impose on them ʺfriendsʺ ‐ bandits, spies, traitors from all countries.

How ridiculous and pathetic are the delusional speeches of the presidential candidate Eisenhower, who is going to ʺliberateʺ the peoples who have escaped from the rule of the wolfish capitalist law of death. When in Ukraine they read an article in Pravda under the heading: ʺEisenhower is going on a campaign ...ʺ, then one collective farmer at Eisenhowerʹs address said: ʺIf the horns were too small, they would gouge out all the people, but as if I would still have another whistle, then she herself saw her sides b. ʺ (Laugh ). This is how ordinary Soviet people react to the Eisenhower threat.

But the Ukrainian people cannot calmly pass by the criminal actions of the American government, which allocated 100 million dollars for the organization of espionage and sabotage, hiring bandits and monsters for this vile purpose, among whom there are thrice‐damned enemies of the Ukrainian people, the undead Petliura and Bandera. The Ukrainian people have not forgotten 1918, when a meeting of representatives of America, England and France was held in Iasi with the participation of the Petliura minister, at which America provided Petliuraʹs bandits with 11 million dollars, in which it issued weapons and ammunition. We do not know how much of the $ 100 million allocated for subversive activities against the Soviet Union and the countries of peopleʹs democracies now, Pan‐President Truman released the Petliura‐Bandera bandits, but we know well the popular proverb: ʺYakiy Pan, his servants are his.ʺ ... (Laughter in the hall). There is no doubt that the Ukrainian people will destroy the servants of Pan Truman, the Petliura‐

Bandera bandits and monsters, like mad dogs.

But we have to be very vigilant, remembering that the imperialists and their agents will cling to every opportunity to screw us up. That is why we, Ukrainians, must be irreconcilable to the slightest manifestations of bourgeois nationalism. Unfortunately, I must say that in Ukraine in recent years we have weakened the struggle against the relapses of Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism in literature and art. The organ of the Central Committee of our party, the newspaper Pravda, has exposed serious ideological errors and distortions in the works of individual Ukrainian writers. Pravda rightly criticized us for the fact that Sosyuraʹs nationalist poem was not only not criticized, but republished and praised. This happened because criticism and self‐criticism were forgotten in the creative organizations of Ukraine. The atmosphere of mutual forgiveness of mistakes, mutual praise opened the cracks through which works that were hostile to the people emerged. The article of Pravda stirred up our entire intelligentsia and was unanimously perceived and appraised as the Partyʹs greatest concern and assistance to our Soviet Ukrainian literature and art.

Comrade. Malenkov is the shortcomings of our literature, and we, writers, must accept this criticism with all our hearts and draw practical conclusions. It is time to respond in action to the just demands of our most advanced reader in the world, who is already beginning to get bored with long speeches about the good intentions of poets, prose writers and playwrights.

An outstanding contribution to our Marxist aesthetics was made in the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) comrade. Malenkov, revealing the problem of typicality in literature and art from the standpoint of Marxist‐Leninist science. It must be said that not a single issue in literary criticism and criticism was so confused as the problem of typicality, because this problem, as comrade Malenkov, there is always a political problem. Comrade Malenkov, analyzing the problem of typicality, revealed its philosophical essence and called on workers of literature and art to dare, to deeply study life, urged to mercilessly fight against rot, lies, hack, to reveal the high spiritual qualities and typical positive character traits of an ordinary Soviet person, to create his bright an artistic image worthy of being an example and a subject of imitation for people. There is not and cannot be a higher and noble task for a writer and artist.

Warm thanks to our party for so lovingly and so patiently teaching us, writers, art workers wisdom! Thanks to the party, which rightly criticized the authors of the libretto of the opera Bohdan Khmelnitsky, taught how to truly approach the history of our people. We have radically reworked the libretto; The composer has done a lot, and we hope that the opera will be released soon, and this will be an answer to fair criticism.

Let me assure you, comrade delegates of the Congress, that writers, composers, artists ‐ all Ukrainian art workers, who have created many works that are highly valued and loved by all our Soviet people, will do everything to completely cleanse the atmosphere of creative organizations from complacency and carelessness, will wage an irreconcilable struggle against the slightest manifestations of bourgeois nationalism and cosmopolitanism, will delight our Motherland with new talented works, illuminated by the brilliant ideas of the great friend of Soviet literature and art, Comrade Stalin. (Applause.)

Long live our great party of Lenin‐Stalin!

Long live our beloved leader and teacher, the great comrade Stalin!