XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

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  XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

October 7th

(Morning session)

Presiding N.A. Bulganin, after a break L.M. Kaganovich.

The meeting continued the discussion of the reports of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU (b).

At the end of the meeting, the congress heard a report from the Credentials Committee. The Congress unanimously approves the report of the Credentials Committee.

V.E. Chernyshev,  (Kaliningrad region)

Comrades! (...)

The peoples of our country, under the leadership of the Party, under the leadership of our leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin, have traveled a long way ‐ the path of heroic struggle and the greatest trials ‐ and have achieved new world‐historic victories. The Soviet people, relying on the enormous advantages of the Soviet social and state system, won a brilliant victory in the Great Patriotic War, fulfilling Stalinʹs plans, successfully, in an unprecedentedly short time, overcame the consequences of the war and not only restored, but significantly exceeded the pre‐war level of industrial and agricultural production. immeasurably strengthened the political, economic and military might of the Soviet state, raised its international prestige, and made a giant step forward along the path of building communism.

The period between the 18th and 19th congresses of the CPSU (b) is truly a period of a new triumph of the policy of our Communist Party, which is the lifeblood of the Soviet system, a period of the triumph of the all‐conquering ideas of Lenin and Stalin. The past years will go down in the history of our Motherland as one of the brightest pages of the selfless struggle of the Soviet people for the victory of communism. In the struggle to build a communist society in our country, the moral and political unity of Soviet society, the fraternal community of all peoples, Soviet patriotism, and the international spirit of the Soviet people are developing and gaining strength.

The biggest event in the ideological life of the Party and the Soviet Union is the publication of Comrade Stalinʹs classic work ʺEconomic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.ʺ This work is a great new contribution to the theory of Marxism‐Leninism. It comprehensively elaborates the fundamental questions of the political economy of socialism, provides a deep analysis of the nature of the economic laws of socialism, formulates the basic economic law of socialism, and defines the conditions for a gradual transition to communism. This new outstanding work of genius by Comrade Stalin is of historical significance, it will have a beneficial effect on the development of advanced Soviet science, will help our cadres to better understand the laws of social development, and will help foreign communist and workersʹ parties in their ideological armament. The Soviet people under the leadership of our Party, fulfilling the plans of Comrade Stalin, will ensure the successful implementation of the program of communist construction in our country.

Comrades, all regions, territories and republics came to the Party Congress with tremendous successes in economic and cultural development. The working people of the young Kaliningrad region have also achieved great success. As you know, the territory of our region was the arena of fierce battles during the Great Patriotic War. Retreating under the crushing blows of the valiant Soviet Army, the Nazis turned the territory they were leaving into a scorched desert. All industrial enterprises, transport, communications, sea and river ports were destroyed; towns and villages lay in ruins. Huge areas were flooded with water as a result of the explosion of water protection dams; all reclamation systems were destroyed. The cattle were stolen or destroyed. It seemed it would take decades to bring this desolate, desolate land back to life. But at the call of the party and government from all parts of our country, workers, collective farmers, specialists from various sectors of the economy and culture arrived in the region with an ardent desire to turn this part of the Baltic into a flourishing Soviet land.

The Soviet people brought with them to the new land the best traditions of the great Russian people, selfless love for the Motherland, patriotic pride in its glorious deeds, fortitude and courage, perseverance in achieving the set goal, the ability not to be afraid of difficulties and overcome them with their hard work. The Central Committee of the Party, the government, Comrade Stalin surrounded the Soviet people, who had arrived to build a new region, with tireless attention, paternal care, and every day provided them with all‐round assistance in settling in a new place and in fulfilling the tasks of economic and cultural development.

This invaluable help and care inspired the workers, collective farmers and the intelligentsia of the region to persistent and selfless work and brought abundant fruits. Cities and villages, ports and factories, dams and canals rose from the ruins, transport and communications were established, life was in full swing, establishing a new, socialist order. The Kaliningrad region has achieved great success in economic and cultural construction in a short time. A large‐scale socialist industry has been created in the region, equipped with advanced Soviet technology. Hundreds of large enterprises have been restored, reconstructed, expanded and rebuilt. A powerful fishing and fish processing industry has been created, fish factories and large fish canning factories have been built. Fishing for Atlantic herring and other valuable fish has been mastered. Our region gives the country hundreds of thousands of quintals of fish and many millions of cans of good canned fish.

The Kaliningrad region is developing as an industrial region and as an area of highly developed agricultural production. The regional enterprises provide the country with many types of industrial products, including amber and amber products, fish, meat, butter, canned fruits and vegetables, etc. At all enterprises a stubborn struggle is being waged for the full use of production capacities and reserves to increase industrial production, reduce production costs and increase labor productivity.

Fundamental changes have been carried out in agriculture. Large collective farms, state farms, machine‐tractor and reclamation stations and detachments have been created. Powerful tractors combine and other agricultural and land reclamation machines work in the fields of the region. More than half of the collective and state farms are electrified. All the main processes of field cultivation and, to a large extent, livestock raising are mechanized. A wide network of research and experimental institutions has been created to provide collective and state farms with valuable assistance in their work, and a network of institutions for the training and retraining of personnel for agriculture. Enormous work has been done to restore reclamation systems. The sown areas are expanding from year to year, the yield of agricultural crops is increasing. The number of livestock and poultry on collective and state farms is growing rapidly, and the productivity of animal husbandry is increasing. In many collective and state farms, milk yield from a fodder cow reaches from 3 to 6 thousand kg per year. The collective farms of the region have strengthened organizationally and economically, successfully cope with tasks for the development of agriculture, fulfill and overfulfill their obligations to the state.

In the industry and agriculture of the region, in a short time, cadres were formed, advanced people ‐ innovators of production, skillfully and persistently paving the way for even greater successes in economic and cultural development ‐ grew up.

As a result of the tremendous care of the party, the government, and

Comrade Stalin personally, normal, good conditions have been created for the Soviet people arriving in the region. Over two million square meters of housing have been restored and built; over 45 thousand houses for collective farmers and workers of state farms have been built and restored in the village. A wide network of trade, cultural and household enterprises, healthcare institutions has been created, 13 sanatoriums and rest houses on the Baltic coast, a sufficient number of schools, institutes, technical schools, cultural and educational institutions have been created and operate. The working people of our region live a full‐fledged political and cultural life. The party and the government provided us with all the necessary funds, equipment, building materials in order to create an area with a developed industry, highly productive agriculture, and an advanced socialist culture in the shortest possible time.

The working people of our region are keeping pace with the entire Soviet people in economic and cultural development. However, it is unusual for the Bolsheviks to delude themselves with the successes achieved. The Central Committee of the Party, Comrade Stalin personally, teach us to concentrate our attention on unsolved problems, to achieve better results in our work.

A great event in the life of the regional party organization was the decree of the Central Committee of the party, adopted in 1951 on the basis of a report by the Kaliningrad Regional Committee of the AllUnion Communist Party (Bolsheviks). The instructions of the Central Committee of the party helped the regional party organization to better understand the shortcomings of our work. The Central Committee gave exhaustive instructions on how to conduct economic and cultural development in the region. These instructions form the basis of all the activities of the regional party organization in the management of industry, agriculture, and cultural development. The instructions of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) helped to improve the party organizational, party political and ideological work. At present, the entire activity of the regional party organization is aimed at the fastest elimination of the serious shortcomings in our work revealed by the Central Committee of the party, to further increase the fighting efficiency of the party organization, to broaden Bolshevik criticism and self‐criticism, mobilizing the communists and all working people of the region to successfully complete tasks set by the Central Committee of the party.

The Kaliningrad region has great prospects for further industrial development, especially in the fish, amber and other industries, as well as agriculture and especially its leading industry ‐ pedigree dairy farming.

Our area is under construction. Her young, rapidly growing economy needs unremitting attention and further assistance, especially from the Ministry of State Farms and the Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry, in improving the management of state farms, electrifying them, carrying out urgent work to restore reclamation systems, drainage and use of land. The Ministry of State Farms and the Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry do not pay enough attention to these issues, and in the conditions of our region, without serious reclamation work and good maintenance of amelioration and drainage systems, it is impossible to cultivate agriculture, use the land highly productively and obtain abundant harvests.

The State Planning Committee of the USSR should provide in the new five‐year plan for a more complete use of the existing production capacities at enterprises of our region, as well as the use of production areas for the organization of new enterprises, especially for the production of control and measuring instruments, precision mechanics products, repair plants, knitwear enterprises and other light enterprises. , fish and food industries.

The working people of the Kaliningrad region, led by the regional party organization, rallying their ranks even more closely around the Central Committee of the party and our dear leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin, will successfully cope with the tasks of economic and cultural development. We will tirelessly, without sparing our forces, fight for the early fulfillment of the fifth Stalinist five‐year plan, for the might of our Fatherland to grow stronger, so that our Soviet Motherland flourishes and riches, so that the life of our people will be even happier and happier, confidently walking along the path to communism. We will continue to vigilantly stand guard over the western borders of our Fatherland.

Comrades! In the report of the Central Committee of the Party, based on the Leninist‐Stalinist teachings, Comrade. Malenkov gave a deep analysis of the international and internal situation of the Soviet Union, exposed the plans of the warmongers, showed the inviolability of Stalinʹs foreign policy, the policy of peace and the strengthening of business ties with all countries, outlined a grandiose program for the struggle of our party and the Soviet people to create the material and technical basis of a communist society. This inspires the Soviet people to new heroic deeds, serves as a source of a new upsurge of creative forces, political activity and labor enthusiasm in the country, will have an even greater impact on the development of international life and will provide our country with the support of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Neglecting the instructive lessons of history, the rabid American‐British imperialists are moving from a policy of preparing for war to direct acts of aggression against peace‐loving peoples, trying to intimidate peaceloving peoples and threatening the Soviet people. But, as you know, our people are not shy, they are not afraid of threats and are always ready to teach a lesson and utterly defeat any presumptuous aggressor.

The report of the Central Committee of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) once again demonstrates to the peoples of the whole world the peaceful policy of our party, our state, once again, not in words, but in deeds, the blatant lies of the American‐British warmongers who are trying to slanderously attribute aggressive intentions to the Soviet Union are exposed. Every honest person sees our true striving ‐ striving for peaceful, constructive work in the name of the cherished goal that Marx, Engels, Lenin pointed out to us and to which the great and beloved Comrade Stalin is leading us ‐ to communism.

There are a handful of slanderers and charlatans in the world, honest people ‐ hundreds of millions. Not to slander this vile handful of the heroic peaceful labor of the Soviet people, the heroic deeds of our party ‐ the party of Lenin ‐ Stalin.

A bright dawn of peace and happiness burns over our homeland, illuminating the way for the oppressed and exploited throughout the world. Our country is confidently moving forward towards communism. Our people are being led to this goal by a great man, whose steel will to victory, whose indomitable energy directs and propels the Soviet people forward, inspires them to new victories, who is the banner of our party ‐ our dear Comrade Stalin. (Prolonged applause.)

Long live the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and its Leninist‐

Stalinist Central Committee!

Glory to our great leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin! (Stormy, prolonged applause.)