XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

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  XIX Congress of the CPSU (b) - (October 5-14, 1952). Documents and Materials

October 7th

(Evening meeting)

Presiding L.M. Kaganovich.

The meeting concluded the discussion of the reports of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the Central Auditing Commission of the CPSU (b). The congress unanimously adopts a resolution on the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b).

At the meeting, speeches of foreign guests of the congress begin.

Boleslav Bierut, (Polish United Workersʹ Party)

Dear comrades and friends!  (...)

The world‐historic victory of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics over fascism in the Second World War became a turning point in the life of many peoples, but it was especially a great turning point in the fate and life of the Polish people, becoming the foundation of its revival and prosperity.

The Polish working people of the CPSU (b) owe much, immeasurably much, to its policy, its struggle, its victories and achievements. They owe her everything that was and is most dear to them: liberation from fascist slavery, the establishment of national independence, the rapid development of the national economy and culture, the growth of the internal forces of their peopleʹs state.

Thanks to the victory of the Soviet Liberation Army, Poland returned to its ancestral lands on Nyssa, Oder and the Baltic coast. Having renounced the shameful oppression of the fraternal peoples ‐ Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Peopleʹs Poland became a homogeneous national state. The peopleʹs power abolished landlord and capitalist property through land reform and the nationalization of industry. Within eight years, Poland turned from an economically weak country ruthlessly exploited by foreign capitalists into a country of rapid industrialization and rapidly growing economic power. Polandʹs nationalized industry produces today three times more output than before the war. On the basis of economic and technical transformations, a deep cultural revolution is taking place in the country. The Polish people are rapidly transforming into a new, socialist nation. A decisive role in these historical transformations, which today awaken to life the powerful forces and creative talents of the Polish masses, is played by fraternal help, friendship and the example of the Soviet peoples, which are led and are victoriously leading forward to communism of the CPSU (b). (Stormy applause.)

The Polish United Workersʹ Party draws its ideological strength from the great treasury of the experience of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), learns its steadfastness and its incomparable strategy and tactics in the class struggle and in building socialism. Thanks to the example, thanks to the fraternal assistance of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), the Polish labor movement has grown and is now the foremost force of the people.

The Soviet Union, its party, its leader, Comrade Stalin, is a powerful and invincible ideological force that influences the whole world, awakens the consciousness of hundreds of millions of people, rouses oppressed peoples to fight for freedom and peace, evokes a creative upsurge in peoples liberated from the yoke of capitalism. building a better social system. Until now, the history of mankind has not known such a great, such dynamic and creative power of ideological influence on human society on a global scale. It is a force that transforms hundreds of millions of people, transforming even previously backward peoples into advanced, socialist peoples. It is a force that forms a new, reborn human society, condemning all oppression and exploitation of man by man, a force whose ultimate goal is the destruction of all tyranny, the establishment of peace and brotherhood between peoples forever. This is a new and incomparable victorious and immortal ideological force of the great Stalinist era. (Applause.)

Only the international revolutionary proletarian movement, only the great Marxist‐Leninist science, raised by Stalin to its present heights, which mark the last works of Comrade Stalin ʺMarxism and Questions of Linguisticsʺ and ʺEconomic Problems of Socialism in the USSRʺ ‐ works of the greatest importance for the countries of peopleʹs democracies ‐ only socialism, realized for the first time in history thanks to the brilliant leadership of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), could generate such a force and give it an irrepressible global scope.

The draft directives of the 19th Congress on a new five‐year plan for the further development of the USSR are yet another irrefutable evidence of the superiority of the socialist economy over the capitalist economy, this is a vivid evidence of the truly humanistic nature of the economic development of the USSR. What a sharp contrast are these national economic plans, these great construction projects of communism and work aimed at transforming nature, at the constant improvement of culture, science and the well‐being of the people, in comparison with marasmus, with the degeneration of the militarized capitalist economy. This opposition is the main feature of the international situation at the present time.

The words of Comrade Stalin, spoken by him at the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b), acquire special significance today:

“The main result is that the working class of our country, having abolished the exploitation of man by man and established the socialist system, has proved to the whole world the correctness of its cause. This is the main result, since it strengthens faith in the strength of the working class and in the inevitability of its final victory. ʺ

The new Stalinist five‐year plan raises even higher in the working masses of the whole world the consciousness of the righteousness of their cause, faith in its victory. That is why the 19th Congress of the AllUnion Communist Party of Bolsheviks has become such a close, such an outstanding event in the life of working people all over the world, including in the life of the working people of the Polish Peopleʹs Republic, who, with a particular scale and enthusiasm of socialist competition, welcome this Congress as a great triumph of the aspirations of working people around the world. ...

Imperialism is making every effort to weaken and subordinate to its will the peoples who are in the orbit of its influence, to intensify hatred of the peoples who have freed themselves from its rule.

The Soviet Union is showing the world an example of new international relations between countries liberated from the violence of the imperialists thanks to the victory of the Soviet peoples. These relations are characterized by fraternal alliance, friendship and fruitful mutual cooperation in all the most important areas of the life of these peoples. In these new, unknown to the old world, which became possible only thanks to the victory of the Great Proletarian Revolution and international relations, Peopleʹs Poland enjoys the enormous and allround, disinterested and heartfelt help of the Soviet Union and thanks to this help has already today achieved extremely favorable conditions for an ever faster movement forward along the path of industrialization, the path of socialist construction. One of the countless examples of this fraternal heartfelt assistance is the magnificent gift of the Soviet Union to Warsaw, destroyed by the Nazi invaders ‐ the construction of the magnificent Palace of Culture and Science. The history of previous, pre‐revolutionary international relations does not know and could not have known such examples. Only the victory of socialism, only the great idea of proletarian internationalism, the incomparable example of which was always given to the international movement by Lenin and Stalin, the idea of which the Soviet Union is an inexorable conductor in international politics and in relations with fraternal countries, created the possibility of such new relations.

The 19th Congress of the All‐Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks will become an inspiring ideological stimulus for the entire international communist movement in its further struggle. The draft of the new Party Charter is a document of military, moral and political achievements and tasks that the party sets for millions of its members, and through them, for the working people of the Soviet Union, which is captivating with its incomparable humanism. This document will become for all fighters for communism a model of dedication, fighting efficiency, selfless devotion to a great cause and a great idea, which is proclaimed by the advanced social science ‐ Marxism‐Leninism, which the new, Stalinist era has put forward before humanity.

In the new international situation, the tasks facing the workersʹ and communist parties, which are carrying out Stalinʹs instructions in the struggle for peace, democracy and socialism, have grown immeasurably. The world peace movement has grown, expanded, and is becoming more and more powerful, the social base of imperialism is shrinking, and indignation is growing against the insolent, criminal provocations and intrigues of the imperialist aggressors. Strengthen, activate this great social movement of the masses, learn to lead it so that the decisive majority of mankind rallies under the banner of the struggle for peace, so that the criminal plans of the warmongers will dissipate like smoke ‐ such is the combat task of the proletarian vanguard in all countries, in all corners of the earth. ball. In accordance with the historic tasks of the new epoch, the workers and communist parties must persistently train the cadres of their fighters and steadily develop the consciousness and activity of millions of working people. The efforts of our party, the Polish United Workersʹ Party, are also directed towards this. We have built a peopleʹs democratic state ‐ the Polish Peopleʹs Republic, we are strengthening its foundation ‐ an indissoluble union of workers and peasants, deep patriotism and internationalism. We are rooting out the ingrained prejudices and prejudices that have been cultivated and exacerbated over the centuries and have been undermined by the Great October Revolution, thanks to a historic turn in relations between our peoples.

We are building industrial giants, such as Novaya Guta, relying on Soviet equipment, on advanced Soviet technology, on the great achievements of Soviet science. The generous and fraternal

contribution of Soviet aid and Soviet experience is a powerful stimulus for the development of our domestic technical thought and our efforts in the field of socialist construction.

We have significant social and cultural achievements.

All these achievements would have been unthinkable without the help of the Soviet peoples, without the help of the All‐Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the personal care of our great friend, Comrade Stalin. (Stormy, prolonged applause.)

We want to assure you that in our post we will do our best to strengthen the entire front, the entire camp of peace and socialism.

We will spare no effort to ensure that our contribution meets the best traditions and aspirations of our people in the struggle for progress, in order for it to meet the tasks of our great era, the victorious era of Lenin and Stalin. (Stormy applause.)

Long live the CPSU (b) ‐ the guiding star of the world liberation movement of the working people!

Long live the Soviet Union ‐ the bulwark of peace, the inspirer of all fighters for socialism, the symbol of international brotherhood and friendship!

Long live the leader of all advanced humanity in the struggle for peace, for progress, for socialism ‐ Comrade Stalin! (Loud, prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up).