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Leninís last will and testament   The statement of O. Ulianova, Leninís niece

About so-called Leninís (Fabricated) last will and testament

Being the only related niece of V.I.Lenin, I consider it to be my duty to make a Statement concerning the body of Lenin, buried according to the Russian Christian custom in the Mausoleum.

Rumors about alleged ďLeninís last will and testamentĒ, where he should be buried, have not been founded on any documents. Such documents do not generally exist, neither in the former Central Party Archive, nor in any other archives.

The initiative of preserving Leninís body rests not with separate persons but with the whole people.

The Mausoleum of V.I.Lenin has been created on the Decision of the I Meeting of the Soviets of the USSR (1924)

Leninís wife, N.K.Krupskaya, his brother, D.I. Ulianov, his sisters, Ann and Mary Ulianovs have agreed to the burial of Lenin in the Mausoleum.

I confirm it with the whole responsibility and credibility. It is also known, that the Mausoleum of V.I.Lenin is under the Protection of the UNESCO.

I am sure that the body of Lenin must be preserved in the Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. Because it is quite evident, that his re-burial might give start to very unpredictable consequences.

According to the acting legislation, being the only near relation to V.I.Lenin I insist on prevention of a possible arbitrariness.

O.D.Ulianova - the daughter of D.I.Ulianov