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What is the great merit of Lenin? The great merit of Lenin is, that, having apprehended the Marx doctrine, he has defended it from all revisionists, has cleared of any distortions, from all audits and interpretation, which attempted to bring to the Marx doctrine. Lenin, having armed the Marx theory, frames a party, struggles inside this party against all petty-bourgeois currents, against any pseudo-revolutionary currents, overcomes inside a party these currents and, were guided the revolutionary theory, conquer the power. More exactly, conquers a revolutionary power.


If to be set by a question, whether it is possible to imagine the greater optimist, than Lenin, be necessary to answer: is not present. Also it is impossible to itself to present the man more obstinate, more courageous.

When in a definite historical situation the moment of seizure of power, moment making of revolution came nearer, it was necessary to Lenin messages hardest battles even inside the party, it was necessary obstinately to combat against views many from those who within long years was his followers.

If to be set by a question, whether there was a man met the greater misunderstanding, than Lenin, be necessary to answer: is not present. But thus it be necessary to emphasize, that there was no other man, which would be closer to the simple worker, which would be closer to masses, than Lenin.

The paradoxical difference between that misunderstanding is amazing which he met among a part of the people encircling him, and that wide comprehension, which he always found in masses. But they also were deciding the factor in each of the most critical and hardest moments of revolutionary process. Let's recollect even that situation, in which Lenin defended the thesis about a possibility of seizure of power, defended, basing on support of mass of party members shaped by him on an extent almost 20 years, and on support of the colleagues, understanding him.

It is possible to tell, that from time of October revolution all new generations of the revolutionaries were educated on his ideas, spirit and principles. Any other event has not rendered such influence on minds of the people, destiny of the peoples and world progress.

The mankind has entered from that moment most fruitful for the history the period of revolutionary changes.

... Within the few decades due to magnificent scientific and technical and industrial development USSR has turned in extremely potent in every respect country. Armed aggressions and the threats on the part of imperialism have forced the Soviet Union to apply serious efforts in military area. In struggle for remission the Motherland from the imperialist interventionists, and then against fascist invasion the Soviet soldiers have turned in courageous, experienced and invincible soldiers. The force of their weapon became huge, but for the first time in a history the military power of the great state was framed not for an oppression of other states and operation of their peoples, not for captures and wars.

... If there will be no Soviet Union, capitalist mandatory powers, in conditions of shortage of raw resources and energy crisis, again without demur would start to partition of the world. If there will be no Soviet Union, it would be impossible even to imagine that measure of independence, what small states today use, successful struggle of the peoples for homing under the control of natural oofs, that their vote impressively sounds nowadays in a concert of nations.

Fidel Castro. "October revolution and Cuban revolution" (fragment).