Once Again on Falsifications Concerning the Great Leaderís Personality
Prof. Vladimir Herasymchuk

We publish this article on the First Anniversary of the World Congress

Time flies. Not everybody is lucky to reserve oneself a place in an unsteady process known as History. The different turns taken by humanity on its way to the future are at times just too brisk. However, some individuals are always trying to keep in sync with the fashionable tendency. It is more convenient that way. Yet the turbulence often exposes various kinds of rotten stuff. In this respect, Alexei Prigarinís ideas expressed at the World Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People held last September in Toronto, Canada are typical for opportunists. He advocated a logical continuity of development of the communist trend in the USSR under them leadership of Lenin and Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev (?!). Moreover, Prigarin had effectively equated the politics of Stalin to that of Trotsky. So, was it not a result of the Bolshevik Party politics inspired by Lenin and Stalin that put an end to the bloc of Trotsky and Bukharin? Is Prigarin, the leader of the RCP-CPSU not familiar with J.V. Stalinís work The Questions of Leninism? Did he not read The Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, written by the leader in early 1950ís? Or are the ideas of communist reconstruction of the worlds outlined in these works alien to him?

Modern imperialism, with the support from revisionists of various kind, does everything within its capabilities to diminish the great leaderís name, to erase it from the peopleís memory. This is because Stalin means Socialism and Communism. That means equality and fraternity of all the peoples of the world. The power and the vigorous logic present in his teachings, remain the principle weapon in the struggles to establish the dominance of Labour over Capital. This is why even a mere mentioning of the leaderís name is sufficient to cause a shiver amongst those who pull our socialist Homeland backwards in spite of the laws of historical development. By using lies, by doctoring and substituting facts, these modern human mutants are trying to forge an imager of Stalin, which is the direct opposite of what the leader truly represents. The ideological heirs of those responsible for the acts of terror in the young Soviet country (1) accuse J.V. Stalin of terrorism. The descendants of those that created the theory of "kulaksí socialism" and the 1933 Famine are trying to hold Bolsheviks responsible for causing some of the population to starve.

The newborn leaders of the present day Russiaís totalitarian pseudo-democracy accuse Stalin of totalitarianism. The traitors and the gravediggers of our Soviet Homeland who are now following the catastrophic path dictated by US and NATO, spread lies about our heroic History.

But rather than contemplating the past, slandering oneís own people, is it not more appropriate to deal with the current affairs first? For example, as total robbery of Soviet people, its extinction as a result of pseudo-reforms, is this not genocide or a compelled starved existence? J.V. Stalin was the leader, whose genius is recognized worldwide. It was under his leadership that our country made a huge leap out of centuries-long backwardness to the heights of world excellence, in quite extreme conditions, with enemies inside and outside the USSR. Can anyone question this?

However, it is important to do much more than just clear the great leaderís name of the slanders. The latter is essentially obvious. It is imperative that we defend his teachings! So what is the essence of Leninís and Stalinís concept of changing the world? Let us look at some of its most important aspects in more detail.

FIRST, the most important one: is reflected in the Manifesto of the Communist Party: "the theory of the communists must be summed up in the singe sentence: abolition of private property." The economic essence of socialism and of communism is the public property for the means of production. Though we Bolsheviks often are accused of the intention to deprive human beings of all personal belongings. What nonsense! Are the plants, factories, power stations not created by the workers, by the society? Why should they belong to someone else Ė to the capitalist?

Nothing by the late 20th Century history is the evidence that it is not socialism but capitalism that deprives a human being of all property. For example, have the savings of Soviet citizens amounting to billions of dollars in total not been transferred to the Swiss and other foreign banks, to Canary Islands or Miami, USA, only to be spent on building ultra-luxurious villas for the new "masters" of our Homeland? Have the huge Soviet natural resources, oil and gas in particular, not been privatized by a small clique of criminal bourgeoisie? Have the working masses of Russia, Ukraine and other Soviet republics not been deprived of their right to work, to recreation, to free medical service and education? The people who previously enjoyed a substantially much higher living standards than their class brothers in the bourgeois-controlled countries, are now trapped in a circle of poverty and semi-starved existence. SoÖwhich system really deprives a human being of property Ė socialism or capitalism?

To give readers outside the boundaries of the USSR an idea of the amount that the governmental Mafia of Ukraine seized from the personal savings in formerly State-owned banks, we shall quote some figures. These figures were reported by peopleís deputy of Ukraine Jurii DonchenkoÖ the sum is around 132 billions (3) Grivnas, which is the estimated national budget expenditure for Ukraine for the year 2002. So, who is the scoundrel robbing the masses Ė a communist r a bourgeois?

Today over 40% of the working population in the Ukraine are unemployed. Every year, 3 to 7 million Ukrainian citizens are compelled to leave the country for other countries, seeking jobs on legal or illegal basis.

SECOND aspect is outlined in the V.I. Leninís work "State and Revolution": " Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat". Proletarian dictatorship is the essence of the working peopleís power in the period of transition to the communist society.

It is common to encounter a fear of the very term dictatorship! But can there be power without a dictatorship? These are only the forms of diktat that can be different, in the bourgeois society this can range from pseudo-democracy to overt fascism. But this is a separate issue.

Being at power means dictating someoneís will. The question is whose? That of the bourgeoisie or that of the working people? The power is always implemented according to certain laws. However, these laws are often disregarded in the bourgeois society whenever necessary. For an example, the parliamentary elections in the Ukraine are taking place in conditions of absolute violation of elementary rights. The imperialist gang from Washington and from other capitalist states openly interferes in the election process. All the propagandists and the financial might is directed at giving unilateral support to Kuchma and his cohorts and to the pro-American blocs like Jushchenko and Timoshenko. When the ruling "leadersí elite" felt a certain degree of danger from the Crimean communist leader Grach, the latter was roughly excluded from the elections. An excuse was fund Ė an inaccuracy in the documents he submitted. Generally speaking, the essence of the contemporary bourgeois power was expressed vividly in an event, such as the shooting up Supreme Soviet in Moscow, Russia by Yeltsin in October of 1993. And the so-called "world community" watched silently! That revealed the all-mightiness of the Mafia in form of unlimited presidential power, or, to be more precise, the criminal bourgeois power. The bourgeois totalitarianism reigns. The world capital, in accordance with the pseudo-democratic laws of the jungle, has passed to the offensive. This has been but the bourgeois dictatorship directed at converting the working people into slaves.

The dictatorship of the proletariat, in contrast to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, should be interpreted as the dominance if the working people! It is aimed at defending the country from the unlimited downfalls of capitalism, from enemies, both internal and external. This dictatorship is truly the highest form of democracy. It determines and defends the politics aimed at fulfilling the material and spiritual needs of the human beings.

However, we sometimes hear disagreements claiming that there is not such a thing as proletariat any more. A very dubious idea! It is true that that the modern proletariat differs significantly from the 19th century class brothers. But in our country, there live and fight millions of property-less working people who had created all of the means of production during Soviet times and it was taken away from them by capitalism. Do they not constitute a proletariat? Of course they do, and this is to whom the future belongs!

THIRD aspect is also a very important one, is that a true Communist, Bolshevik, Stalinist is a convinced internationalist. The Soviet Union was a perfect example of the unity and friendship of peoples, united in pursuing common aims and tasks. Soviet patriotism had been the greatest ethico-psychological and political achievement of the Soviet power. Typical in this respect is the following quote by Aleksei Cherednik, player in the USSRís soccer team that took Gold at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. "No matter how much those days are slandered, the patriotic feeling for our one sixth of the world territory was genuine. I still carry and hold our Red Flag with the Soviet coat of arms on it that I took along to the Olympics. I still consider myself a citizen of this country". The world famous athlete Sergei Butka, who pushed up the world record in the hurdle jumping 32 times, confessed: "I now contest for the team of this independent Ukraine, but on the inside I remain a Soviet citizen. I just canít do anything about it."

Quoted in the newspaper Communist, December 21, 2001.

The greatness of the Soviet achievements and the heroic of Soviet people, will go down in history as a very special phenomenon. A cheerful memory about the leader of the world proletariat is alive in the minds of the toilers all over the world. These are not just our friends who recognize J.V. Stalinís genius. Our political foes too are left with no choice but to admit the wisdom of Stalinís genius. Amongst them are Churchill, Roosevelt and De Gaulle.

The working class, the toiling masses, declare the Bolsheviks, are gradually are getting rid of the poisons of anti-Leninism and anti-Stalinism and are standing up against the ruling bourgeois regimes.