Trotskyism or Leninism

By Harpal Brar

Trotskyism or Leninism Preface

Three specific features of Trotskyism

1. 'Permanent revolution'

2. Distrust of Leninism in matters of organisation

Trotsky as "Freelancer"

3. Distrust of Bolshevik leadership

Brest-Litovsk, Trade union debate,

Trotsky's return to fully-fledged factionalism

Lenin's death and Trotsky's attempt to substitute Trotskyism for Leninism

Trotskyism a rallying point for counter-revolution

Emergence of the New Opposition

Formation of an illegal party

Trotskyism's struggle against 'Stalinism' a continuation of the struggle against Leninism

Why did the opposition fail?

Not personal factors but departure from Leninism is the cause of Trotskyism's failure

 Trotsky's regular predictions of doom

Trotsky's 'New Course' predicts degeneration of the Party

Failure of Trotsky's predictions

Contemptible and cowardly capitulator

Trotsky's anti-Soviet diatribes are grist to the imperialist mill

Trotsky acknowledges socialist achievements as a means of gaining credibility

More scurrilous attacks on socialism

Equating socialism and fascism and spreading defeatist demoralisation

 Trotsky predicts and calls for the defeat of the USSR in war

Trotsky's predictions refuted by the epic victory of the USSR in World War II

Stalin and the Great Patriotic War

 The cold war Imperialism's response to the prestige of victorious socialism

Deutscher also dispels any notion of popular hostility to the Soviet regime:

This is how Deutscher captures the victory parade in Red Square at the end of the war.

Triumph of Khrushchevite revisionism and the resuscitation of Trotskyism

 Trotskyism sides with every single counter-revolutionary movement

Trotskyism and the Czechoslovak counter-revolution

The American Trotskyist ICL's sophisticated defence of counter-revolution

SWP Trots welcome the demise of communism

 The Healyite Trotskyites detect Trotsky's line and welcome Gorbachev's Perestroika

Some other Trots

 The bankruptcy of Trotskyism and the triumph of socialism

 Trotskyism or Leninism

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