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1988 HTML Felix Dzerzhinsky: A biography.
1988 HTML Teaching: Calling and skills.
1968 HTML Soviet Socialist Democracy
1974 HTML October Storm and After:, The Stories and Reminiscences.
1974 HTML Lenin’s Ideas and Modern International Relations
1974 HTML Short History of the World in Two Volumes, A Volume II.
1974 HTML Short History of the World in Two Volumes, A Volume I.
1974 HTML Soviet Youth and Socialism.
1974 HTML Riddles of Three Oceans, The
1974 HTML New Scramble for Africa, The
1974 HTML Usa: Militarism and the Economy
1973 HTML Problems of the History of Philosophy.
1973 HTML U.S. Budget and Economic Policy.
1973 HTML State of Israel: A Historical, Economic and Political Study , The
1973 HTML Soviet Court, The
1973 HTML World Communist Movement: An outline of strategy and tactics, The
1973 HTML Sholokhov: A critical appreciation
1973 HTML At the Bidding of the Heart: Essays, sketches, speeches, papers.
1973 HTML U.S. Labour Unions Today: Basic problems and trends.
1973 HTML Future of Society:, The Critique of modern bourgeois philosophical and socio-political conceptions., A
1973 HTML War of Ideas in Contemporary International Relations:, The Imperialist doctrine, methods and organisation of foreign political propaganda., The
1973 HTML History of Realism, A
1982 HTML In the Grip of Terror
1982 HTML One Is Not Born a Personality.
1982 HTML Diplomatic Battles Before World War II
1982 HTML Trade Among Capitalist Countries
1982 HTML Soviet Legislation on Children’s Rights.
1982 HTML Right of the Accused to Defence in the USSR, The
1982 HTML Socialist Internationalism: Theory and practice of international relations of a new type
1982 HTML State and Nations in the USSR, The
1982 HTML Cia Target: The USSR
1982 HTML History of the USSR in three parts: PART III: From the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War to the Present Day.
1982 HTML World Capitalist Economy: Structural changes:, The Trends and problems.
1980 HTML Agony of a Dictatorship: Nicaraguan Chronicle, The
1980 HTML Where Human Rights Are Real.
1980 HTML Ussr and Countries of Africa (Friendship, Cooperation, Support for the Anti-Imperialist Struggle)
1980 HTML Marxist Philosophy
1980 HTML Of Human Values: Soviet literature today
1980 HTML Truth About Afghanistan:, The Documents, Facts, Eyewitness Reports
1980 HTML Crisis of Capitalism and the Conditions of the Working People., The
1980 HTML Peking Reaches Out: A Study of Chinese Expansionism
1980 HTML Lenin: The Revolutionary.
1980 HTML Fundamentals of Political Economy (1980)
1980 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 1: The Origins of the Proletariat and Its Evolution as a Revolutionary Class, The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1980 HTML Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume IV): In Five Volumes
1980 HTML History of Old Russian Literature, A
1980 HTML Komsomol: Questions and Answers, The
1980 HTML Working Class and its Allies, The
1980 HTML Development of the Monist View of History., The
1987 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 6: The Working-Class Movement in the Developed Capitalist Countries After the Second World War (1945–1979), The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1987 HTML Communist Response to the Challenge of Our Time, The
1987 HTML What Is Historical Materialism? (ABC #7)
1987 HTML Soviet Union and Africa, The
1987 HTML What Is Dialectical Materialism? (ABC #6)
1966 HTML Psychological Research in USSR: Volume 1
1979 HTML Semantic Philosophy of Art
1979 HTML Kampuchea: From Tragedy to Rebirth
1979 HTML Usa: Imperialists and Anti-Imperialists: The great foreign policy debate at the turn of the Century
1979 HTML Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1939–1965
1978 HTML Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
1978 HTML Man and Sea Warfare Training of Soviet Navy Personnel), The
1978 HTML Triumph of Lenin’s Ideas: Proceedings of Plenary Session
1978 HTML Theory of Population: Essays in Marxist research., The
1986 HTML U.S. War Machine and Politics, The
1986 HTML Soviet Constitution: A dictionary, The
1970 HTML Soviet Literature: Problems and People
1970 HTML Leninist Theory of Revolution and Social Psychology
1970 HTML Lenin: The Great Theoretician.
1970 HTML Petty-Bourgeois Revolutionism (Anarchism, Trotskyism and Maoism)
1970 HTML Leninism and the Revolutionary Process
1970 HTML Maoism Through the Eyes of Communists
0000 HTML Monism and Pluralism in Ideology and in Politics (Abridged).
1972 HTML Marxism-Leninism on War and Army
1972 HTML Critique of Mao Tse-Tung’s Theoretical Conceptions., A
1972 HTML On The Art and Craft of Writing
1972 HTML Leninism and Contemporary Problems of the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism.
1972 HTML Leninism and the Battle of Ideas.
1972 HTML World Socialist System:, The Main problems, states of development.
1972 HTML Scientific and Technological Revolution: Social Effects and Prospects, The
1972 HTML Economic Geography of the World Popular Outline), A
1972 HTML Destructive Policy, A This is a collection of articles from the Soviet press, exposing the policy of the Chinese leadership for what it is—a policy harmful to the cause of socialism, and the world revolutionary and liberation movements.
1972 HTML Maoism Unmasked: Collection of Soviet Press Articles
1972 HTML Profession of the Stage-Director, The
1972 HTML Health Protection in the USSR.
1972 HTML Following Lenin’s Course: Speeches and articles
1972 HTML Secrets of the Second World War.
1972 HTML Humanism: Its Philosophical, Ethical and Sociological Aspects.
1926 HTML Moscow Diary, A
1976 HTML This Nation and Socialism Are One Selected writings of Le Duan, First Secretary, Central Committee, Vietnam Workers Party
1976 HTML 20th Century American Literature: A Soviet view.
1976 HTML Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume II): In Five Volumes
1976 HTML History of the USA Since World War I
1976 HTML Contemporary Anti-Communism: Policy and ideology.
1976 HTML Life and Work of Walt Whitman: A Soviet view
1976 HTML Hague Congress of the First International, September 2–7, 1872:, The Minutes and Documents
1976 HTML Theory and Practice of Proletarian Internationalism, The
1976 HTML Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume III): In Five Volumes
1976 HTML Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics and Life: Collection of articles, A
1976 HTML Humanism of Art., The
1976 HTML Ussr: For Peace Against Aggression: 1933–1941.
1976 HTML Monopoly Press: Or, How American journalism found itself in the vicious circle of the “crisis of credibility”, The
1965 HTML Letters From the Dead: Last letters from Soviet men and women who died fighting the Nazis (1941–1945)
1984 HTML Behind the Scenes of Third Reich Diplomacy.
1984 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 4: The Socialist Revolution in Russia and the International Working Class (1917–1923), The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1984 HTML Political Consciousness in the U.S.A.: Traditions and evolutions.
1984 HTML Subject, Object, Cognition.
1984 HTML Terrorism and International Law
1984 HTML Alternatives to Positivism.
1984 HTML World War II: Myths and the Realities.
1984 HTML Dictionary of Scientific Communism., A
1996 HTML Nationalism reframed Nationhood and the national question in the New Europe
2007 HTML ...La metro bus operator rules and SOPs...
1990 HTML Meaning and Conceptual Systems.
1993 HTML Contemporary World Situation and Validity of Marxism
1977 HTML Sukhomlinsky on Education, V.
1977 HTML Military-Industrial Complex of the USA, The
1977 HTML Teaching
1977 HTML Ussr State Industry During the Transition Period
1977 HTML Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume I): In Five Volumes
1977 HTML Nihilism Today.
1977 HTML Revolutionary Vanguard:, The Battle of ideologies.
1967 HTML Scientific Communism (A Popular Outline) 
1967 HTML Lenin In Our Life.
2000 HTML What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?
1975 HTML Philosophy and Sociology.
1975 HTML “Cultural Revolution”: A close-up: (An eyewitness account), The
1975 HTML Women Today
1975 HTML Planning of Manpower in the Soviet Union
1975 HTML Policy of Provocation and Expansion: A collection of documents and articles, published in the Soviet press, dealing with China’s policy of annexation and its territorial claims to other countries, A
1975 HTML Science and Morality
1975 HTML Fundamentals of Political Science: Textbook for primary political education.
1975 HTML Leninist Theory of Socialist Revolution and the Contemporary World.
1975 HTML Cmea Today: From economic co-operation to economic integration
1975 HTML Man After Work: Social problems of daily life and leisure time. Based on the surveys of workers’ time budgets in major cities of the European part of the USSR
1975 HTML International Solidarity with the Spanish Republic 1936–1939: Detailed account of the activities of the International Brigades, A
1975 HTML Present-Day China: Socio-economic problems, collected articles.
1969 HTML Problems of Modern Aesthetics: Collection of articles.
1969 HTML Sociology: Problems of theory and method.
1969 HTML Millionaires and Managers
1969 HTML Fifty Soviet Poets
1981 HTML Disarmament and the Economy
1981 HTML Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume V): In Five Volumes
1981 HTML History of the USSR in three parts: PART II: From the October Socialist Revolution to the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War.
1981 HTML Workers in Society: Polemical essays
1981 HTML Ultras in the USA., The
1981 HTML History of the USSR in three parts: PART I: From the earliest times to the Great October Socialist Revolution.
1981 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 2: The Working-Class Movement in the Period of Transition to Imperialism (1871–1904), The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1981 HTML Nuclear Strategy and Common Sense
1981 HTML Problems of the Communist Movement: Some Questions of Theory and Method.
1981 HTML Priorities of Soviet Foreign Policy Today, The
1981 HTML Socialism As a Social System
1981 HTML Yakov Sverdlov
1983 HTML Lenin on Language
1983 HTML Freedom of Conscience in the USSR
1983 HTML Strategy of Transnational Corporations, The
1983 HTML Lenin: A Biography
1983 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 3: Revolutionary battles of the early 20th Century, The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1983 HTML History in the Making: Memoirs of World War II Diplomacy
1983 HTML Lenin on the Intelligentsia
1989 HTML Ho Chi Minh.
1985 HTML History of Afganistan
1985 HTML Contemporary Revolutionary Process: Theoretical Essays, The
1985 HTML Dictionary of Political Economy., A
1985 HTML Blacks in United States History
1985 HTML India: Spotlight on Population Demographic outline, A
1985 HTML Witness to War: American doctor in El Salvador, An
1985 HTML International Working-Class Movement, Volume 5: The Builder of Socialism and Fighter Against Fascism, The Problems of History and Theory in Seven [sic] Volumes:
1985 HTML Genocide
1971 HTML Finance and Credit in the USSR
1971 HTML Lenin and Books
1971 HTML Development of Revolutionary Theory by the CPSU.
1971 HTML Leninism and the World Revolutionary Working-Class Movement: Problems of the stuggle for the unity of the proletariat, of all anti-imperialist forces.
1971 HTML Young Communist International and Its Origins, The
1971 HTML Socialist Society: Scientific principles of development
1971 HTML Socialism and Capitalism: Score and Prospects
1971 HTML Re-reading Dostoyevsky
1971 HTML Philosophical Views of Mao Tse-Tung: A Critical Analysis, The
1963 HTML Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism Manual