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1879 Died: 1940
Last Updated: 9 January, 2006

The Trotsky Internet Archive Subject Indexes/Collected Writings Series
Selected Works: An index to a collection of writings here on the Trotsky Internet Archive selected by the TIA Director and volunteers as representing Trotsky’s most significant political works. [Note: this is still a work in progress]
Leon Trotsky on China: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on China covering the years 1925 through 1940
Leon Trotsky on Britain: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on Britain covering the years 1920 through 1940 with an emphasis on the mid-20s
The Rise of German Fascism: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on Germany covering the years 1930 through 1940
The Spanish Revolution: A complete (... but under construction) collection of Trotsky’s writings on Civil War in Spain covering the years 1931 through 1939
Our Revolution: Essays in Working Class and International Revolution, 1904-1917: A collection of Trotksy’s writings Edited by M. Olgin for the Soviet Government.
Literature and Art: A listing of Trotsky’s views on Marxism and the Arts.
Letters to Belgium: A collection of Trotsky’s letters to the Belgian Trotskyists.
Trotsky on Women: A collection of Trotsky’s articles on women and related subjects.
On Black Nationalism: A collection of discussions with Trotsky.
Political Profiles: Compilation of articles on leading figures in the European and Russian workers’ movement (total: 1.4mB).

The Trotsky Internet Archive Index Sorted by Individual Sets of Years:
1901-1910 | 1911-1917 | 1918-1919 | 1920 | 1921 | 1922 | 1923 | 1924 | 1925-1926 | 1927 | 1928-1930 | 1931 | 1932 | 1933-1934 | 1935 | 1936 | 1937 | 1938 | 1939 | 1940

Or, the Complete List Below:


1901 — 1910

1901: On Optimism and Pessimism; on the 20th Century and on Many Other Issues
1904: Report of the Siberian Delegation
1904: Our Political Tasks (book – 6 files, 306K)
1904: The Proletariat and the Revolution
1905: The events in Petersburg
1905: Open Letter to Professor P.N. Miliukov
1906: Results and Prospects
Significant work!
1907: The Year 1905 (book) [Click Here for PDF version 1 megabyte in size]
Significant work!
1907: The Soviet and the Revolution
1907: Preface to My Round Trip
1908: Leo Tolstoy, Poet & Rebel
(literary criticism/article)
1909: Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism (article)
1909: The Young Turks
1910: The Intelligentsia and Socialism


1911 — 1917

1911: The Bankruptcy of Individual Terrorism
1914: War and the International (book) [Click Here for PDF version – 500k]
Significant work!
1915: Why the German Social-Democracy Failed (A 1915 Review of Leon Trotsky’s essay)
1916: Clemency! (article)
1916: On the Events in Dublin (article)
1917: The Lessons of the Great Year
1917: On the Eve of a Revolution
1917: Two Faces
1917: The Growing Conflict
1917: War or Peace?
1917: Captivity
1917: Peace and Reaction (article)
1917: Forward
1917: The Farce of Dual Power (article)
1917: Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism (article)
1917: The July Uprising (article)
1917: Pacifism as the Servant of Imperialism (essay) 
1917: After the July Days: WHAT NEXT? (pamphlet)
1917: The Struggle for State Power (pamphlet)
1917: Blood and Iron (speech)
1917: The Peace Program and the Revolution


1918 — 1919

1918: History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk (book)
1918: The International Will the Allies Throw Away the Last Chance?
1918: Peace Negotiations and the Revolution
1918: Work, Discipline, and Order to Save the Socialist Soviet Republic
1918: Speech on Brest-Litovsk
1918: Lenin Wounded
1918: Soviet Government documents (authored by Trotsky as Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs from November of 1917 through March of 1918)
1918: The Principles of Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship
1918: May Day and the International
1918: Trotsky’s Military Writings, Volume 1 (collection of articles, essays & lectures)
Significant work!
1919: To the Spartacus League of Germany and the Communist Party of German Austria
1919: Order Out of Chaos
1919: Invitation to the First World Congress [of the Comintern]
1919: Manifesto Of the Communist International to the Workers Of the World
1919: Report on the Communist Party Of the Soviet Union and the Red Army
1919: Order Of the Day Number 83 to the Red Army and Navy
1919: To Comrades Of the Spartacus League
1919: A Creeping Revolution
1919: Great Days
1919: En Route: Thoughts on the Progress Of the Proletarian Revolution
1919: A Letter to Our French Comrades
1919: French Socialism on the Eve Of Revolution
1919: Jean Longuet
1919: Rallying the Army During the Civil War (speech)
1919: Report of Comrade Trotzky: Russia (to Class Struggle, article)
1919: Great Times(to Class Struggle, article)
1919: Problems the Army During the Civil War (speech)
1919: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 2 (collection of articles, essays & lectures)
Significant work!



1920: Nationalism in Lenin
1920: Letter to Yugoslav Communists
1920: On the Coming Congress Of the Comintern
1920: Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report on the Role Of the Party
1920: Manifesto Of the Second World Congress
Part I | Part II
1920: A Letter to a French Syndicalist About the Communist Party
1920: On the Policy Of the KADP (Communist Workers Party of Germany)
1920: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 3 (collection of articles, essays & lectures) 
Significant work!
1920: Terrorism and Communism: An Answer to Karl Kautsky 
Significant work!



1921: Vergeat, Lepetit and Lefebvre
1921: Lessons of the Paris Commune
1921: The March Movement in Germany
1921: The March Revolutionary Movement in Germany (Personal Notes)
1921: May Day Manifesto of the ECCI
1921: The Unemployed and the Trade Unions
1921: Speech Delivered At the Second World Conference Of Communist Women
1921: Letter to Comrade Monatte
1921: Letter to Comrades Cachin and Frossard
1921: On L’Humanité, the Central Organ Of the French Party
1921: The Red Army to the General Staff Of the Revolution
1921: Report on the World Economic Crisis and the New Tasks Of the Communist International Part I | Part II
1921: Summary Speech [At the 3rd Congress of the Communist International]
1921: Theses of the Third World Congress on the International Situation and the Tasks of the Comintern
1921: Speech on the Italian Question At the Third Congress Of the Communist International
1921: Speech on Comrade Radek’s Report on “Tactics Of the Comintern” At the Third Congress
1921: Speech on Comrade Lenin’s Report: “Tactics Of the Russian Communist Party”
1921: The Main Lesson Of the Third Congress
1921: Report on “The Balance Sheet” Of the Third Congress Of the Communist International
1921: Summary Speech
1921: A School of Revolutionary Strategy
1921: From the ECCI to the Central Committee of the French Communist Party
1921: From the ECCI to the Marseilles Convention of the French Communist Party
1921: Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report “The Tactics of the Comintern” at the Eleventh Party Conference
1921: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 4 (collection of articles, essays & lectures)
Significant work!
1921: Summary Speech at the Eleventh Party Conference
1921: Flood-tide



1922: Paul Levi and Some ‘Lefts’
1922: On the United Front
1922: The Question of the United Front
1922: Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party
1922: The Communists and the Peasantry in France
1922: A Note on Plekhanov (24k)
1922: The Lessons of May Day
1922: From the ECCI to the Central Committee of the French Communist Party
1922: French Communism and the Position of Comrade Rappoport
1922: To Comrade Ker
1922: Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party
1922: To Comrade Treint
1922: From the ECCI to the Seine Federation of the French Communist Party (Summer 1922
1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (September 13, 1922)
1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (October 6, 1922)
1922: The Fifth Anniversary of the October Revolution and the Fourth World Congress of the Communist International
1922: Who Are the Traitors? A PDF document from the Early American Marxism archive
1922: Speech in Honour of the Communist International
1922: The New Economic Policy of Soviet Russia and the Perspectives of the World Revolution
1922: The Economic Situation of Soviet Russia From the Standpoint of the Socialist Revolution
1922: Resolution on the French Question
1922: A Militant Labour Program for the French Communist Party(December 5, 1922
1922: Resolution of the French Commission
1922: Between Red and White(essay)
Significant work!
1922: Report on the Communist International
1922: Prospects of Revolution
1922: The Position of the Republic and the Tasks of Young Workers (report to Communist Youth – 56k)
1922: Political Perspectives (Late 1922?) 1922: Report on the Fourth World Congress
1922: Trotsky’ Military Writings, Volume 5 (collection of articles, essays & lectures)
Significant work!
1922: The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy



1923: The New Course (essay)  Significant work!
1923: A Necessary Discussion with Our Syndicalist Comrades (March 23, 1923)
1923: Preface to The Communist Movement in France (March 25, 1923)
1923: The Anarcho-Syndicalist Prejudices Again! (May 8, 1923)
1923: Is the Slogan of ’The United States of Europe’ a Timely One? (June 30, 1923)
1923: Can a Counter-Revolution or a Revolution be Made on Schedule? (September 23, 1923)
1923: To Comrade McKay (March 13, 1923)
1923: The Curve of Capitalist Development
1923: Lenin Ill
1923: On the Slogan of the “United States of Europe” (contribution to a discussion) 
1923: Communist Policy Toward Art (essay)
1923: The Social Function of Literature & Art (essay) 
1923: What Is Proletarian Culture, and Is It Possible? (essay)
1923: Man Does Not Live by Politics Alone
1923: Bureaucratism and Factional Groups
1923: Theses on Industry
1923: The Tasks of Communist Education



1924: Lenin Dead (essay) 
1924: The Timetable for Revolution (essay 24k )
1924: Lenin – The Philistine and the Revolutionary
1924: May Day in the East & the West
1924: Perspectives and Tasks in the East Speech on the Third Anniversary of the Communist University for Toilers of the East
1924: Class and Art – Culture Under the Dictatorship
1924: Through What Stage Are We Passing?
1924: Perspectives of World Development [94k]
1924: Literature and Revolution
1924: The Lessons of October (essay - 182k-multi-part)  [Click Here for PDF version]
Significant work! [Alternate Translation]
1924: First Five Years of the Communist International Volume I
Significant work!
1924: First Five Years of the Communist International Volume II
Significant work!


1925 — 1926

1925: The Letter of Comrade Trotsky to the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party
1925: Jacob Sverdlov [memorial essay – 29.3k]
1925: Dialectical Materialism and Science
1925: Towards Capitalism or Towards Socialism? – The Language of Figures
1925: Twenty Years After 1905
1925: Lenin [book]
1925: Where Is Britain Going? [book]
Significant work!
1926: To The Memory of Sergei Essenin
1926: Theses on Revolution and Counter-Revolution [11.8k]
1926: On the Tempo and Timescale of the Revolution
1926: Europe and America [47.7k]
1926: Brailsford and Marxism
1926: Radio, Science, Technique and Society [40.7k]
1926: Once More on Pacifism and Revolution
1926: Problems of the British Revolution [book]



1927: The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian Committee [36k]
1927: The Chinese Revolution and the Theses of Comrade Stalin
1927: Epilogue: The Speech of Comrade Chen Duxiu on the Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party
1927: First Speech on the Chinese Question
1927: Second Speech on the Chinese Question
1927: The Sure Road
1927: Hankow and Moscow
1927: Is It Not Time to Understand?
1927: What We Gave and What We Got
1927: The “Clémenceau Thesis” and the Party Regime [27k]
1927: The Opposition and the Wrangel Officer (34k)
1927: The Appeal to Party Members (14k)
1927: Platform of the Opposition [Click Here for PDF version]
Significant work!
1927: The Russian Opposition: Questions and Answers [Interview – 20k]


1928 — 1930

1928: The Third International After Lenin (A Draft Criticism of the Communist International) [thesis] [Click Here for PDF version] Significant work!
1928: On the Canton Insurrections: Three Letters to Preobrazhensky [letter – 38.3k]
1928: On Max Eastman
1929: The Groupings in the Communist Opposition
1929: Two Letters on the Origin of the Fourth International
1929: Once Again on Brandler-Thalheimer
1929: An Open Letter to the Editorial Board of La Verité
1929: A Letter to the Editorial Board of La Lutte De Classes
1929: Communism and Syndicalism
1929: The Errors in Principle of Syndicalism
1929: The First Contact with Belgium
1929: The Defense of the Soviet Union and the Opposition [essay – 113.4k]
1929: Disarmament and the United States of Europe [essay – 34.5k]
1930: Letter to the Italian Left Communists
1930: The History of the Russian Revolution (book)
Significant work!
1930: Open Letter to the All Members of the Leninbund
1930: As Pure and Transparent as Crystal (essay)
1930: An Open Letter to the Italian Left Communists
1930: To the Editorial Board of Prometeo
1930: The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in Germany
Significant work!
1930: Monatte Crosses the Rubicon
1930: World Unemployment and The First Five Year Plan
1930: My Life
(autobiography) [Click Here for PDF version – 3.5 megbytes big!]
Significant work!



1931: The Revolution In Spain [pamphlet]
1931: Communism and Syndicalism [pamphlet]
1931: The Mistakes of Rightist Elements of the Communist League on the Trade Union Question
1931: The Case Of Comrade Ryazanov

1931: Thälmann and the “People’s Revolution”
1931: The Spanish Revolution And The Dangers Threatening It
1931: Workers’ Control of Production
1931: Against National Communism! (Lessons of the “Red Referendum”)
1931: A Letter To Albert Treint [Letter on the German Revolution]
1931: Factory Councils and Workers’ Control of Production
1931: [1st] Letter to the Communist League
1931: Germany, the Key to the International Situation
Significant work!
1931: For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism
1931: The Permanent Revolution (book) 
Significant work!
1931: For the Spanish Revolution
1931: For Communist Unity In Spain
1931: The Problems Of The Spanish Revolution
1931: Thermidor and Bonapartism
1931: The Character of the Revolution
1931: Problems of the Spanish Revolution
1931: Tactics Flowing from the Election Results
1931: The Role of Strikes in a Revolution
1931: On The Slogan of Soviets: From a Letter to Andres Nin



1932: What Next? Vital Questions for the German Proletariat Significant work!
1932: [2nd] Letter to the Communist League
1932: Interview with Montag Morgen
1932: Closer to the Proletarians of the Colored Races
1932: Hands Off Rosa Luxemburg!
1932: Letter to Alois Neurath
1932: Peasant War In China and the Proletariat
1932: The Only Road
Significant work!
1932: Prinkipo Letter, 1932 (letter)  
1932: The Soviet Economy in Danger
1932: German Bonapartism
1932: A Strategy Of Action And Not Of Speculation, Letter To Pekin Friends. What are, at present, the chief elements of the political situation in China?
1932: In Defense of October (Speech in Copenhagen, Denmark – 65.9K)
Significant work!
1932: The Passage of Trotsky to Anvers Open Letter to Vandervelde
1926: On the Suppressed Testament of Lenin ( essay - 85K)
1932: Problems of the Chinese Revolution (collection of articles)
Significant work!
1932: On the Disarmament Question
1932: On The American Economic Crisis
1932: Family Relations Under the Soviets
1932: On the Labor Party Question in the United States
1932: What Next? – Vital Questions for the German Proletariat (pamphlet – 330k in 3 parts)
Significant work!

1933 — 1934

1933: Two Articles On Those Who Have Forgotten the ABCs
1933: Before the Decision
1933: The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic Worker
1933: The Tragedy of the German Proletariat
1933: Germany and the USSR
1933: Hitler and the Red Army
1933: The German Catastrophe
1933: Interview with Georges Simenon
1933: What Is National Socialism?
1933: How Long Can Hitler Stay?
1933: It Is Necessary to Build Communist Parties and an International Anew
Significant work!
1933: It Is Impossible to Remain in the Same International with the Stalins, Manuilskys, Lozovskys & Co.
1933: The Trade Unions in Britain
1933: The Spanish “Kornilovs” and“Stalinists”
1933: The Class Nature of the Soviet State (essay) 
1933: On the War in China
1933: German Perspectives
1934: On The Jewish Question
1934: Two Articles On Centrism
1934: Hitler’s Program
1934: A Program of Action for France (38K) 
Significant work!
1934: War and the Fourth International (87K) 
Significant work!
1934: A Greeting to New International
1933: Bonapartism and Fascism
1934: If America Should Go Communist
1934: Nationalism and Economic Life
1934: On the Kirov Assassination (76k)
1934: Fontamara (book review)



1935: The Workers’ State, Thermidor and Bonapartism (essay)
1935: Centrist Alchemy Or Marxism? [85k]
1935: On the South African Thesis
1935: An Open Letter to the French Workers [28k]
1935: Luxemberg and the Fourth International
1935: Who Defends Russia? Who Defends Hitler?
1935: Chen Tu-hsiu and the General Council
1935: On the Seventh World Congress of the Comintern [25k]
1935: Stalin Frame-Up Mill at Work
1935: ILP and the Fourth International
1935: Russia and the World Proletariat (essay – 13K)
1935: Preface to the Norwegian Edition of My Life
1935: Engels’ Letters to Kautsky
1935: Romain Rolland Executes an Assignment [15k]
1935: Edouard Herriot: Politician of the Golden Mean [40k]
1935: Lessons of October [14k]
1935: How Did Stalin Defeat the Opposition? (essay) 
1935: Open Letter For The Fourth International


1936: “Trotsky Cables Denial to AP on Daily Worker Lies”
1936: Notes of a Journalist
1936: 20,000 Oppositionists Expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Recent “Cleansing”
1936: Tell Workers the Truth About Stalin’s Hounding of Revolutionists in the Soviet Union
1936: Alfred Rosmer’s Book [6k]
1936: Stalin Plans Wholesale Persecution
1936: The Stalin-Howard Interview
1936: “A Jingle to Please the ‘Master’” [9k]
1936: On Dictators and The Heights Of Oslo
1936: The Task in Spain
1936: The New Constitution Of The USSR
1936: Trotsky in Norway (essay)
1936: The Revolution Betrayed (book) 
Significant work!
1936: How Lenin Studied Marx [17k]
1936: Once Again – The ILP
1936: Whither France?
Significant work!



1937: Thermidor and Anti-Semitism
1937: Stalinism and Bolshevism (essay) 
1937: Ninety Years Of The Communist Manifesto (28k)
1937: Once Again: The USSR and its Defense (32K)
1937: Not a Workers’ and Not a Bourgeois State?
1937: The Case of Leon Trotsky
Significant work!
1937: The Stalin School of Falsification (book)[Click Here for PDF version]
Significant work!
1937: On Democratic Centralism and the Regime (8K)
1937: The Lessons of Spain – The Last Warning (51K)



1938: The Fifth Wheel
1938: Hue And Cry Over Kronstadt
1938: The Mexican Oil Expropriations
1938: Learn To Think Learn To Think A Friendly Suggestion to Certain Ultra-Leftists
1938: Art and Politics In Our Epoch
1938: Mexico And British Imperialism
1938: More on the Suppression of Kronstadt
1938: Freedom of the Press and the Working Class (pamphlet – 10K) 
1938: Anti-Imperialist Struggle Is Key To Liberation1938: Social-Patriotic Sophistry – The Question of the Defense of Czechoslovakia’s “National Independence”
1938: The Founding of the Fourth International
1938: On the Character of the Coming War
1938: Czechoslovakia: Toward a Decision
1939: Karl Kautsky [Obiturary]
1938: The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution (Pamphlet – 116K in 3 parts)  [Click Here for PDF version]
Significant work!
1938: A Discussion with Trotsky on the Transitional Program (Interview – 33K) 
1938: The USSR and Problems of the Transitional Epoch (extract from the Transitional Program)
1938: Their Morals and Ours (essay) 
Significant work!
1938: The Chinese Revolution
1938: Nationalized Industry and Workers’ Management
1938: Twenty Years of Stalinist Degeneration



1939: Clarity or Confusion? [23k]
1939: Lenin on Imperialism (18K)
1939: Krupskaya’s Death [Obiturary]1939: Once Again on the Crisis of Marxism
1939: Where is the PSOP Going? [A correspondence between Marceau Pivert, Daniel Guerin and Leon Trotsky]
1939: Marxism in Our Time (93K)
1939: The Bonapartist Philosophy of the State
1939: Moralists and Sycophants Against Marxism1939: Open Letter to the Workers of India
1939: “Progressive Paralysis” – The Second International on the Eve of the New War
1939: “Trotskyism” and the PSOP
1939: Independence of the Ukraine and Secarian Muddleheads [33k]
1939: The USSR and the War (53K)
1939: The ABC of Materialist Dialectics (18K) [Click Here for PDF version – 76K]
1939: For Grynszpan: Against Fascist Pogrom Gangs and Stalinist Scoundrels
1939: Behind the Kremlin Walls
1939: Lenin [Submission to The Encyclopædia Britannica on the Encyclopædia’s entry for “Lenin”]



1940: Balance Sheet of the Finnish Events [26k]
1940: Letter to the Workers of the USSR
1940: We Do Not Change Our Course (Article – 12k)
1940: The May 24th Attempt to Assassinate Trotsky
1940: The Reptile Breed of The Nation
1940: China and the Russian Revolution [9k]
1940: Letter to the Herald Tribune
1940: Some Questions on American Problems (draft article – 31k)
1940: The Comintern and GPU [One of Trotsky’s last articles – 119k]
1940: The Kremlin’s Role in the War
1940: The Character of the Russian Revolution as Foreseen by Plekhanov, Lenin and Trotsky (54k, excerpt fromStalin)
1940: Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay [23k]
1940: The Second World War
1940: The Class, the Party and the Leadership (unfinished draft article)
1940: Trotsky’s Last Article: Bonapartism, Fascism and War (27k)

The Last Letters of Leon Trotsky:
1940: On Japan’s Plans for Expansion
1940: On A “Socialist” Ally of Chamberlain
1940: Manifesto of the Fourth International
1940: On Conscription
1940: Misfortune of an Intellectual
1940: Nipping A New GPU Lie
1940: To Generous Friends
1940: On A Petty Bourgeois Philistine
1940: How to Defend Ourselves
1940: How to Really Defend Democracy
1940: A Letter to C. Charles
1940: On Dewey’s Philosophy
1940: Another Thought on Conscription
1940: Welcome to “Our Small Garrison”
1940: Trotsky’ Last Three Letters

Some works published later
but written in or around 1940

1942: In Defense of Marxism (collection of articles, letters)
1944: Fascism (pamphlet first published in 1944)