Telegram to Vorishilov

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Telegram to Vorishilov, Commander of the Front, Tsaritsyn

Written: Moscow, September 18, 1918
First Published: ,Izvestia No 205, September 21, 1918
Source: J. V. Stalin, Works, Volume 4, pages 132. Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953
Transcription: Hari Kumar for Alliance-ML
HTML: Mike B.

Convey our fraternal greetings to the heroic flotilla crews and all the revolutionary troops on the Tsaritsyn Front, who are selflessly fighting to establish firmly the power of the workers and peasants. Tell them that Soviet Russia notes with admiration the heroic exploits of Kharchenko's and Kolpakov's communist and revolutionary regiments, Bulatkin's cavalry, Alyabyev's armoured trains and the Volga naval flotilla.

Hold high your Red banners, carry them forward fearlessly, mercilessly root out the counter-revolution of the landlords, generals and kulaks, and show the whole world that Socialist Russia is invincible.

Chairman of the Council of Peoples' Commissars
V. Ulyanov-Lenin

Peoples Commissar &
Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front
J. Stalin