Telegram I.V. Stalin to the party organizations on collectivization and ʺdispossessionʺ. January 30, 1930

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Telegram I.V. Stalin to the party organizations on collectivization and ʺdispossessionʺ. January 30, 1930

A source: Politburo and the peasantry: Expulsion, special settlement. 1930‐1940 Book I. Moscow. ROSSPEN 2005 pp. 48‐49

Archive: AP RF. F. 3. Op. 30. D. 193. L. 22. Certified typewritten copy of that time. 193‐19

Top secret.

Not for print.

To all Party organizations .

Local reports are being received indicating that organizations in a number of regions have abandoned the cause of collectivization and have concentrated their efforts on dispossession of kulaks. The Central Committee explains that such a policy is fundamentally wrong. The Central Committee points out that the policy of the party consists not in naked dispossession, but in the development of the collective farm movement, the result and part of which is dispossession. The Central Committee demands that dispossession should not be carried out without connection with the growth of the collective‐farm movement, that the center of gravity be shifted to the construction of new collective farms, based on a truly mass movement of the poor and middle peasants. The Central Committee reminds that only such an attitude ensures the correct implementation of the partyʹs policy.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) Stalin .

30.1.30 g.

‐ At the top left of the typewritten outgoing document number and date: ʺ30.1.30 .ʺ

‐ RGASPI. F. 558. Op. 11. D. 38. L. 15. Typewritten original, signature ‐ autograph.

‐ Published according to a copy of RGASPI: The Tragedy of the Soviet

Village. T. 2.P. 131.

The case contains a cover letter on the letterhead of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), sent on January 30, 1930 by the assistant to the secretary of the Central Committee I.V. Comrade to members and candidate members of the Politburo, members of the Presidium of the Central Control Commission and members of the Central Committee, on the sending of the latter, on behalf of I.V. Stalin ʺ to provide a copy of the Central Committee directive to all party organizations on the question of collectivization.ʺ Tovstukhaʹs signature is a facsimile (fol. 21).