Stalin on arrested counter revolutionaries

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Stalin on arrested counter revolutionaries

From the protocol No. 64 of the decisions of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All‐Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) for October 10‐26, 1938 on the transfer of pending investigative cases against those arrested by ʺcounter‐revolutionary national contingentsʺ under the authority of special troikas. September 15, 1938

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The tragedy of the Soviet village. Collectivization and dispossession. Documents and materials Volume 5. 1937‐1939. Book 2. 1938 ‐ 1939.

Moscow ROSSPEN 2006. Pp. 251


AP RF. F. 3. Op. 58. D. 212. L. 195‐195 ob. Script. RGASPI. F. 17. Op. 162.

D. 24. L. 2. Original. Subscription copy

No. 111

22. A question of the NKVD.

1.                   Accept the proposal of the NKVD to transfer the remaining pending investigative cases against those arrested by the counter‐revolutionary national contingents, in accordance with orders of the NKVD of the USSR No. 00485, 00439 and 00593 ‐ 1937 and No. 302 and 826 ‐ 1938, for consideration of special triplets on the ground ...

2.                   Special troikas are formed in the composition of: the first secretary of the regional committee, the regional committee of the CPSU (b) or the Central Committee of the national communist parties, the head of the corresponding department of the NKVD and the prosecutor of the region, territory, republic.

In the Ukrainian and Kazakh SSR and in the Far Eastern Territory, special troikas are created by region.

3.                   Special troikas consider cases in respect of persons arrested only before August 1, 1938, and finish work within 2 months.

4.                   Cases against all persons of the indicated national counterrevolutionary contingents arrested after August 1, 1938, should be sent for consideration to the appropriate judicial bodies according to the jurisdiction (military tribunals, line and regional courts, the military collegium of the Supreme Court), as well as to a special meeting at the NKVD THE USSR.

5.                   To grant the right to special troikas to pass sentences in accordance with the order of the NKVD of the USSR No. 00485 of August 25, 1937 in the first and second categories, as well as to return cases for further investigation and to make decisions on the release of the accused from custody, if there are not sufficient materials for the conviction of the accused.

6.                   The decisions of special troikas in the first category shall be enforced immediately.

Secretary of the Central Committee I. Stalin