About the uprising in Georgia. JV Stalin

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About the uprising in Georgia. JV Stalin

From the encryption programs about the uprising in Georgia. JV Stalin

‐ in the Transcaucasian Regional Party. September 2, 1924

Archive source: Soviet village through the eyes of the Cheka‐OGPUNKVD. 1918‐1939. Documents and materials. In 4 volumes / T. 2. p. 239

Archive:CA FSB RF. F. 2. Op. 2. D. 86. L. 40. Certified copy.

No. 171

24 hours

438 / sh

The decree of the Politburo of September 2 is passed on: “The Central Committee accidentally learned from the GPU that it was not doing well in Georgia. Khomeriks, Chkhikvishvili were sentenced [to] execution, which is a sentence on the execution of 25 Mensheviks, Endeks. I accidentally learned about the execution of 182 people. Quite by chance we learned from the NKVD ‐ GPU and RVSR that we lost a number of points in Georgia and captured Makharadze, Sturua, Dolidze, Ruben and others. Despite a number of requests and demands of the Central Committee, Zakkraikom is silent, does not inform. The Central Committee considers this situation intolerable. The events [in]

Georgia are of great general political significance. The Central Committee, demanding decisive action to suppress the uprising, categorically rejects the policy of mass executions of those arrested. The Central Committee demands an immediate suspension of executions based on the decisions of Zakchek.

 The Central Committee demands from the Zakkraikom complete, objective, systematic information and presentation of a plan of his work for the coming days in connection with the uprising. An independent solution of the most important issues of the all‐Soviet policy of Zakchek and the Zakkraikom is unacceptable ʺ1 *.

1 *  The document contains the following label: “This document was reported by Comrade Kuznetsov on July 30, 1953, by the Deputy Minister to Comrade

IA Serov. An instruction was received to store it in a special archive. ʺ