Stalin ‐ to members of the Politburo on June 5, 1932

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    Stalin- Transcripts from Soviet Archives

Stalin ‐ to members of the Politburo on June 5, 1932

 A source: Stalin and Kaganovich. Correspondence. 1931‐1936 Moscow:

(ROSSPEN), 2001 p. 139

Archive: RGASPI F. 558. Op. 11.D. 77.L. 12, 12 rev. Autograph.

Moscow. Central Committee of the All‐Union Communist Party. 


For PB members .

I am protesting against the publication in Pravda of Yaroslavskyʹs article about the workersʹ unrest in Ivanovo‐Voznesensk and the change in the party leadership there. The article is clearly incorrect  and politically harmfulfrom the factual point of view . With his article, Yaroslavsky gave foreign correspondents the opportunity to write about the ʺnew Kronstadtʺ, allegedly ʺdictating the latest decisions of the Central Committee and the Council of Peopleʹs Commissars on collective farm trade.ʺ Who gave Yaroslavsky the right to come up with such an article, which is harmful to the party and is clearly beneficial to our enemies? Why does the editorial board of Pravda allow such irresponsible statements? Why is Yaroslavsky given the uncontrolled right to use weapons that he does not own and which he often abuses to the detriment of the party? Couldnʹt this end?


# 6

18 hours

5 / VI.32 y. 2