Recording of a conversation by phone I.V. Stalin with K.V. Ostrovityanov. 7 February 1952

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Recording of a conversation by phone I.V. Stalin with K.V. Ostrovityanov. 7 February 1952

A source: Historical Archives 2012 No. 4 P. 29

Archive: ARAN. F. 1705. Op. 1.D. 166.L. 55‐56. Autograph by hand of K. V. Ostrovityanov.

JV Stalin : Comrades, about 20 people contacted me about a textbook. I wrote 50 pages of my notes on the tutorial. It is hardly advisable to call all the participants in the discussion. Send it out to the comrades who signed the letter or to the sections? ‐

Konstantin Ostrovityanov : The entire conference was divided into sections: pre‐capitalist formations, capitalism, socialism, therefore, this is a lot.

JV Stalin : Then it is better to send it to the comrades who signed the letter. This will probably be more correct.

Konstantin Ostrovityanov : Yes, probably right. Maybe you should publish your comments?

JV Stalin : No, this is not for publication, the publication will not be in your favor. The remarks were not approved by the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), so as not to bind the authorsʹ collective. It is necessary to replenish the team of authors, increasing it to 10‐15 people, to include one lawyer for the accuracy of wording and one statistician.

Konstantin Ostrovityanov : Less is better, about 10 people.

JV Stalin : Also include some critics, so that there would be controversy. What do you think?

Konstantin Ostrovityanov : It depends on what kind of critics.

JV Stalin : In the textbook, you can feel that different chapters are written by different authors, the difference in style. It is necessary to create an editorial commission of 3‐5 people. Konstantin Ostrovityanov : Better out of 3.

JV Stalin : The processing time is 1 year. Remarks are being submitted for publication, tomorrow they will be. Keep in mind, the creation of a textbook is a great world‐historical endeavor.

K.V. Ostrovityanov . And [Osif] In [Isarionovich], I am being sent to Copenhagen in connection with an international] economic] meeting. What do i do?

JV Stalin : Do you want to go?

K.V. Islander : I would prefer to study a textbook.

JV Stalin : You can send another. Weʹll decide tomorrow.