LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

You cannot endure further!

June 17, 1917


Russia is going through difficult trials. The war, claiming innumerable casualties, is still ongoing. It is deliberately delayed by the robbers, the bloodsucking bankers, who profit.

The industrial devastation caused by the war leads to the suspension of factories, to unemployment. It is deliberately exacerbated by lockout capitalists greedy for fabulous profits.

The lack of supplies caused by the war is becoming more and more threatening. High prices stifle the urban poor. And prices are still rising in the name of the whims of the marauder-speculators.

An ominous specter of hunger and devastation hovers over us ... At the same time, black clouds of counter-revolution are approaching.

The June Third Duma, which helped the tsar to oppress the people, now demands an immediate offensive at the front — for what? In order to drown the freedom gained in blood to please the "allied" and Russian robbers.

The Council of State, which supplied the tsar with the ministers, is weaving a treacherous noose in silence — for what? In order to throw it around the neck of the people at a convenient moment to please the "allied" and Russian oppressors.

And the Provisional Government, set up between the tsarist Duma and the Council of Deputies, with 10 bourgeois in its composition, clearly falls under the influence of landlords and capitalists. ,

Instead of securing the rights of the soldiers - Kerensky's "declaration" violating these rights. Instead of securing the freedoms gained by the soldiers during the days of the revolution, there are new "orders" threatening hard labor and disbandment.

Instead of ensuring the freedom gained by the citizens of Russia - the establishment of a political investigation in the barracks, arrests without trial or investigation ...

Instead of arming the people - the threat of disarming the workers and soldiers. Instead of the liberation of the oppressed peoples - nagging about Finland and Ukraine, the fear of giving them freedom.

Instead of a decisive struggle against counter-revolution - conniving at the revelry of counter-revolutionaries, openly arming themselves to fight the revolution ...

But the war is still going on, and no real, serious measures are being taken to end it, to offer all peoples a just peace.

And the devastation is growing, and - no measures against it. And hunger is still advancing, and there are no real measures against it.

Is it any wonder that the counter-revolutionaries are all impudent, inciting the government into new repressions against the workers, peasants, soldiers and sailors?

Comrades! Such orders cannot be tolerated in silence! Silence after all this is criminal!

You are free citizens, you have the right to protest, and you must exercise your right before it is too late.

May tomorrow (June 18), the day of peaceful demonstration, turn into the day of a formidable protest by revolutionary Petrograd against the reviving oppression and tyranny! May the victorious banners rise up tomorrow in fear of the enemies of freedom and socialism!

Let your cry, the cry of the fighters of the revolution, fly around the world to the delight of all the oppressed and enslaved!

There, in the West, in the belligerent countries, the dawn of a new life is already dawning, the dawn of the great workers' revolution. Let your brothers in the West know tomorrow that you are bringing them on your banners not war, but peace, not enslavement, but liberation.

Workers! Soldiers! Give each other a fraternal hand and - forward under the banner of socialism!

All to the street, comrades!

Close tightly around your banners!

March in orderly rows along the streets of the capital!

Calmly and confidently state your desires:

Down with counter-revolution!

Down with the tsarist Duma!

Down with the State Council!

Down with ten capitalist ministers!

All power to the Soviets of Workers', Soldiers' and Peasants' Deputies!

Revise the "Declaration of the Rights of the Soldier"!

Cancel "orders" against soldiers and sailors!

Down with the disarmament of the revolutionary workers!

Long live the people's militia!

Down with anarchy in industry and lockout capitalists!

Long live the control and organization of production and distribution!

Against the offensive policy!

It's time to end the war! Let the Council of Deputies declare just conditions for peace!

No separate peace with Wilhelm, no secret treaties with the French and British capitalists!

Of bread! Peace! Freedom!

Central Committee of the RSDLP

Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP Military organization under the Central Committee of the RSDLP

Central Council of Factory Committees in Petrograd Bolshevik faction in the Petrograd SR and SD

Editorial board of Pravda

Editorial staff of "Soldierskaya Pravda"

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