LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

To a decisive struggle against counter-revolution!

August 27, 1917

Counter-revolution is advancing on Petrograd. Kornilov, a traitor to the revolution, an enemy of the people, is leading troops against Petrograd, which he has deceived. The entire bourgeoisie, led by the Cadet Party, which incessantly sowed slander against the workers and soldiers, now welcomes the traitor and traitor and is ready to applaud from the bottom of their hearts how Kornilov will stain the streets of Petrograd with the blood of workers and revolutionary soldiers, how he will crush the people he has deceived proletarian, peasant and soldier revolution.

To make it easier for Kornilov to shoot the proletariat, the bourgeoisie invented that the workers' revolt had triumphed in St. Petersburg. Now you see that the revolt was not raised by the workers, but by the bourgeoisie and generals led by Kornilov. Kornilov's triumph is the death of the will, the loss of land, the triumph and omnipotence of the landowner over the peasant, the capitalist over the worker, the general over the soldier.

The Provisional Government collapsed at the very first movement of the Kornilov counter-revolution. The ego government, to which a part of the democracy has repeatedly expressed its confidence, to which it has entrusted all the full power, - this government was unable to fulfill its first and direct task: to crush in the roots the general-bourgeois counter-revolution. The search for an agreement with the bourgeoisie weakened democracy, whetted the appetites of the bourgeoisie; gave her the courage to decide on an open uprising against the revolution, against the people.

The salvation of the people, the salvation of the revolution - lies in the revolutionary energy of the proletarian and soldier masses themselves. We can trust only our strength, our discipline, our organization. We trust the leadership of the decisive struggle for the salvation of the entire revolution, its conquests and its future to the government that will unconditionally, selflessly, wholly undertake the implementation of the demands of the proletarian and soldier-peasant masses. Only this power will save the revolution, save it from the onset of counter-revolution, save it, in spite of the vacillations, instability and spinelessness of the vacillating part of the democracy.

The population of Petrograd! We call you to the most decisive struggle against counter-revolution! All revolutionary Russia stands behind Petrograd!

Soldiers! In the name of the revolution - forward against General Kornilov!

Workers! Defend the city of revolution in united ranks from the attack of the bourgeois counter-revolution!

Soldiers and workers! In a fraternal alliance, welded by the blood of the February days, show the Kornilovs that it is not the Kornilovs who will crush the revolution, but the revolution will crush and sweep away the attempts of bourgeois counterrevolution.

In the name of the interests of the revolution, in the name of the power of the proletariat and the peasantry in liberated Russia and throughout the world, as a friendly family, in close-knit ranks, hand in hand, everyone, as one person, meet the enemy of the people, the traitor of the revolution, the killer of freedom!

You were able to overthrow tsarism - prove that you will not tolerate the rule of the henchman of the landlords and the bourgeoisie, Kornilov.

Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks) PC RSDLP

(Bolsheviks) Military organization under the Central Committee of the RSDLP Central Council of Factory Committees Bolshevik faction of the Petrograd and Central Soviets of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies

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