LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

To all party organizations

August 24, 1917

Comrades! The party is interested in ensuring that the distribution of its central organ is raised to the proper level. It is the duty of local organizations to undertake the establishment of a widespread central authority.

The Central Committee invites all party organizations to oblige all their members to become permanent subscribers of the central body.

The Central Committee calls on all party members to assist in the widest possible distribution of the party newspaper by organizing collective subscriptions in factories, workshops, workshops, barracks, etc.

Let not a single party member remain aloof from active work in favor of the central organ of the Central Committee of the RSDLP.

The Central Committee invites all local organs of the party press to reprint from the central organ all resolutions, resolutions and reports of the Central Committee.

The Central Committee reminds all local organizations of their duty to deduct 10% of their receipts to the Central Committee treasury.

Central Committee of the RSDLP

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