LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

No party member will remain passive

June 28, 1917


The party congress is approaching. One of the points on the agenda of the congress is: elections to the Constituent Assembly.

In the moment we are experiencing, the aggravation of class contradictions has reached the highest tension. In the recent city elections in Petrograd and many other cities, the class grouping showed itself with complete clarity.

The entire bourgeoisie has united in the party of the so-called "People's Freedom" - the Cadet Party; this party is fully supported by all the Black Hundreds, all the monarchists. This is the party of the rich, the party of outspoken supporters of the imperialist war, the party of robbery and violence against foreign peoples, as well as against their own people.

The petty bourgeoisie of town and country, the philistine masses, the middle peasantry, the backward strata of the workers followed the defensist bloc of Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Popular Socialists, Trudoviks and the Unity group. This bloc, a bloc of government parties, is actually following the imperialist bourgeoisie, bringing disintegration into the ranks of the internationalist working class.

The working class, with the urban and rural poor adjoining it, is rallying more and more closely around our Party. He is more and more fully aware that only she protects his interests to the end, that only she is capable of leading the whole country out of the unbearably difficult situation to which the three-year war and the economic devastation caused by it led. He realizes more and more fully that only our party is waging a resolute revolutionary struggle for an early end to the war, for the abolition of the rule of capitalism, for the abolition of exploitation, for the rule of socialism.

All parties, the Cadet, as well as the petty-bourgeois defensive ones, are waging the most irreconcilable struggle with us, not disdaining at the same time by any means. They have much more material and technical resources at their disposal.

The election campaign for the Constituent Assembly will require huge funds. They are not at our disposal. If the workers themselves do not come to the aid of their party, we cannot develop broad agitation among the masses.

All those who are for an early end to the war, who are for the development of the workers' revolution in Russia and the West, who are for the abolition of the rule of the bourgeoisie, all workers, all the poorest strata of the population, we call on the most energetic work. We call on all workers to deduct one day's wages, and if this is no longer possible, at least half a day's earnings to the cashier of the Party Central Committee. We call on all those who sympathize with us to collect. Time is running out. Everyone to work! We'll set the day of the gatherings everywhere. The Central Committee asks each local organization to immediately appoint an exact day for the collection and deduction of earnings. Let the collection be made by July 10-15 so that at the Party Congress we know what we can have at our disposal.

Let no party member remain passive! The broadest agitation in favor of the party!

Central Committee of the RSDLP

We ask all party newspapers to reprint this appeal.

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 ‘Calmness and restrain!’

Appeal from the Central Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party (RSDWP), the Petersburg Committee of the RSDWP, the Military Organization of the RSDWP, and the Inter-district Committee of the United Social-Democratic

Internationalists, July 6, 1917.

Workers, soldiers!

The demonstration of July 16-17 (3-4) has ended. 

You told the ruling classes what your goals are. 

Dark and criminal forces are casting a shadow over your demonstration by calling for blood to be shed. Together with you and all revolutionary Russia, we mourn for the recently fallen sons of the people. Responsibility for victims falls upon the underground enemies of the revolution. But they did not and will not succeed in distorting the meaning of our demonstration.

Now it remains to wait and see what response your appeal, “All Power to the Soviets,” will meet across the entire country. The demonstration has ended. Days of persistent agitation to enlighten the backward masses and to enlist the provinces to join our side are beginning anew.

Worker and soldier comrades! We call upon you to be calm and practice restraint. Don’t give the malicious forces of reaction any reason to accuse you of violent acts. Don’t yield to provocation. Don’t come out onto the streets or engage in any clashes.

Worker comrades! Return peacefully to your work benches.

Soldier comrades! Remain peacefully in your units.

Everything that exists is working in our favor. Victory will be ours.

There is no need for rash acts.

Steadfastness, restraint, and calm are our watchword.

Central Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’

Party (RSDWP)

Petersburg Committee of the RSDWP

Military Organization of the RSDWP

      Interdistrict    Committee    of    the    United    Social   Democratic


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