LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

For the needs of the party press

In 5 days 75 thousand rubles - for the needs of the party press

April 13, 1917

Our party does not yet have its own printing house. We cannot publish Pravda in the quantity required. Only half of the demand has to be met. We have prepared a number of brochures, leaflets, collections, books that are extremely necessary for all our work. We cannot print them because we do not have a printing house. "Pravda" must be enlarged in format - otherwise a lot of materials have to be postponed. It is imperative that the small popular newspaper Rabochy and Soldier be put up in Petrograd immediately. But again and again: we don't have a printing house.

This cuts our work, it narrows the scope of our agitation, it deprives us of the opportunity to repulse all our numerous opponents who have a huge press.

The comrades in charge of our Party economy, after great efforts, found a printing house that can be bought. With great difficulty our party can now collect only part of the necessary money. It is necessary at all costs to get another 75 thousand rubles in the next few days. Otherwise, the printing house will be sold to other hands and we will be left with a broken trough.

Comrades! The bourgeoisie - even the most "left" and "republican" - will not give money to Pravda and our party. You yourself know with what frenzy the whole hundred-hundred bourgeois press is fighting against us. Only the workers themselves can provide our publishing house with a printing house and give us the opportunity to expand our work on a broader scale.

The Central Committee, the PC, the editorial board of Pravda, the Bolsheviks - members of the Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, the Priboy publishing house are asking you: collect 75 thousand rubles in 5 days to buy a printing house.

The matter is urgent. At every meeting, at every meeting, in every factory - everywhere, gatherings must begin immediately.

Fees should start today. Everyone to work! Central Committee of the RSDLP St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP Pravda editorial board

Economic Committee under the Central Committee of the RSDLP Publishing house "Priboy" under the Central Committee of the


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