LEAFLETS during Russian Revolution

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  LEAFLETS during  Russian Revolution 
A collection of Leaflets 1905 - 1917
partly from “The Voice of the Great Revolution” (in Russian) the book consists of leaflets published by the Bolshevik Party from
February 1917 to November 1920

For the elections

Election week

May 24, 1917

Comrades! Four days later, elections to district councils begin. There is very little time left.

The coming days should be entirely devoted to work on elections. Every member of the Party organization, every member of the trade union, every member of the Military Organization, every member of the Soviet of Workers' Deputies, in a word, every member of our Party must devote all his strength to this cause.

We face a struggle against all bourgeois parties and against all sham socialist parties advocating an alliance with the bourgeoisie. This struggle is not easy - our opponents have enormous means of influence. This struggle is of tremendous importance for the whole of Russia.

Comrades! Not a minute should be wasted. Campaigning and organizing around the elections is the task of these days. It is necessary to organize meetings in factories, workshops, barracks. We must divide the streets and try to get around all the houses. It is necessary to deliver to each voter Pravda, our municipal platform, appeals, posters. On election days, no comrade should stay at home. Every voice is precious. On election days, members of our party must ensure that all those who sympathize with us exercise their electoral rights in practice.

Get down to business, comrades! Success depends on our energy and organization!

Central Committee of the RSDLP Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP

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Against the bloc of the union of the populists and the Mensheviks

Why you should vote against the bloc of the union of populists and


May 25, 1917

Because this bloc is supported by the government of the lockout capitalists. By arranging secret lockouts and the Italian strike, the capitalists condemn workers to unemployment, peasants to poor goods, the country to starvation and death.

Because this bloc supports the government and the capitalists, who are dragging out the slaughter of peoples, the war of conquest. The revolution had suspended the war on one front, and by further developing the revolution against the bourgeoisie, the war could have been suspended because of the division of the booty of the capitalists on other fronts. The Narodniks and Mensheviks gave their ministers to the government, which was preparing an offensive, that is, the continuation of the slaughter.

Because the Narodniks and Mensheviks support the government of the capitalists, who are saving the landlord's land and the landlord's power in Russia. The majority of local peasants clearly stand for the immediate abolition of landlord power and landlordism, for the immediate deliverance of the people from the bondage of the landlords. The Narodniks and Mensheviks support the capitalists, advising the peasants to postpone the abolition of landlord bondage, to postpone the abolition of landlord ownership.

Workers and women workers! Soldiers and all working people! Do not vote for the capitalists (Cadets) or for the bloc (union) of Narodniks and Mensheviks supporting them!

Vote for the lists of the Central Committee of the Russian SocialDemocratic Labor Party, for the Bolsheviks and internationalists.

Lists of the Bolsheviks:

No. 2 in the Kazan region.

No. 6 in the Spassky District.

No. 7 in the Kolomensky district.

No. 7 in Narva region.

No. 9 in the Moskovsky district.

No. 5 in Al.-Nevsky district.

No. 1 in the Rozhdestvensky district.

No. 2 in Liteiny District.

No. 6 in Vasileostrovsky district.

No. 6 in the Petrogradsky district.

Central Committee of the RSDLP

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