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Letters of Marx and Engels, 1849

Marx To Engels[43]
In Vevey

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 207;
Written: end of July 1849;
First published: in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, 1913.

Paris, end of July 1849

Dear Engels,

I have suffered a great deal of anxiety on your account and was truly delighted when yesterday I received a letter in your own hand. I had got Dronke (who is here) to write to your brother-in-law asking for news of you. He, of course, knew nothing.

My whole family is here [263]; the government wanted to banish me to Morbihan, the Pontine marshes of Brittany. [272] So far I have frustrated their intention. But if I am to write to you in greater detail, both about my own circumstances here and about affairs in general, you must let me have a safer address, for things are really appalling here.

You now have the best opportunity to write a history of or a pamphlet on the Baden-Palatinate revolution. [273] Had you not taken part in the actual fighting, we couldn’t have put forward our views about that frolic. It would be a splendid chance for you to define the position of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung vis--vis the democratic party generally. I am positive that the thing will sell and bring you money.

I have embarked on negotiations with a view to starting a politico-economic (monthly) periodical in Berlin which would have to be largely written by us two. [274]

Lupus [Wilhelm Wolff] is also in Switzerland, I believe in Berne. Weerth was here yesterday; he is setting up an agency in Liverpool. Red Wolff is living here with me. Finances are, of course, in a state of chaos.

Freiligrath is in Cologne now as heretofore. If my wife were not in an all too interesting condition, I would gladly leave Paris as soon as it was financially possible to do so.

Farewell. Convey my kindest regards to Willich and write by return to the address: M. Ramboz, rue de Lille, 45.

K. M.