Wage Labour and Capital

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Works of Karl Marx 1847

Wage Labour and Capital

Delivered: December 1847;
Source: Wage Labour and Capital, the original 1891 pamphlet;
Edited/Translated: Frederick Engels;
First Published (in German): Neue Rheinische Zeitung, April 5-8 and 11, 1849;
Online Version: Marx/Engels Internet Archive (marxists.org) 1993, 1999;
Transcription/Markup: Zodiac and Brian Basgen;
Proofed: and corrected by Alek Blain, 2006.


Table of Contents:

What are wages?
By what is the price of a commodity determined?
By what are wages determined?
The nature and growth of capital
Relation of wage-labor to capital
The general law that determines the rise and fall of wages and profit
The interests of capital and wage-labor are diametrically opposed
Effect of capitalist competition on the capitalist class, middle class and working class