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Trotsky and counter-revolution


It was clear in 1936 to anyone who was carefully analyzing the class struggle on the international scale that Trotsky  had degenerated to the point where he was a pawn of all sorts of anti-Communist forces. Full of himself, he assigned himself a planetary and historic rôle, more and more grandiose as the clique around him became insignificant. All his energy focused on one thing: the destruction of the Bolshevik Party, thereby allowing Trotsky  and the Trotskyists  to seize power. In fact, knowing in detail the Bolshevik Party and its history, Trotsky  became one of the world's specialists in the anti-Bolshevik struggle.

To show his idea, we present here some of the public declarations that Trotsky  made before the re-opening of the Kirov  affair in June 1936. They throw new light on Zinoviev,  Kamenev,  Smirnov  and all those who plotted with Trotsky. 

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