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The struggle against bureaucracy

Trotsky  invented the infamous term `Stalinist bureaucracy'. While Lenin  was still living, late in 1923, he was already maneuvering to seize power within the Party:

`[B]ureaucratization threatens to ... provoke a more or less opportunistic degeneration of the Old Guard'.


Trotsky,  The New Course, p. 72.

In his opposition platform, written in July 1926, his foremost attack was against `unbridled bureaucratism'.


Trotsky,  The New Course, p. 85.

And once the Second World War had begun, Trotsky  spent his time provoking the Soviet people in `acting against the Stalinist bureaucracy as it did previously against the Tsarist bureaucracy and the bourgeoisie.'


Trotsky,  Lettres aux travailleurs d'URSS (May 1940). La lutte antibureaucratique en URSS II: La révolution nécessaire 1933--1940 (Paris: Union générale d'éditions, 1975), pp. 301--302.

Trotsky  always used the word `bureaucracy' to denigrate socialism.

Given this context, it might come as some surprise that throughout the thirties, the Party leaders, principally Stalin, Kirov  and Zhdanov,  devoted a lot of energy to the struggle against the bureaucratic elements within the Party and State apparatus.

How did the struggle against bureaucratization and bureaucracy define itself in the thirties?

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