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The U.S. takes up where Nazi Germany left off

Even before the anti-fascist war was finished, a number of U.S. generals dreamed of a shift in alliances so that they could attack the Soviet Union. For this adventure, they intended to use the Nazi army, purged of Hitler  and his close entourage. The former secret servant Cookridge  recalled some of the discussions in the summer of 1945:

`General Patton  was dreaming of rearming a couple of Waffen SS divisions to incorporate them into his US Third Army ``and lead them against the Reds''.

`Patton  had put this plan quite seriously to General Joseph T. McNarney,  deputy US military governor in Germany .... ``What do you care what those goddam bolshies think?'' said Patton.  ``We're going to have to fight them sooner or later. Why not now while our army is intact and we can kick the Red Army back into Russia? We can do it with my Germans ... they hate those red bastards.''

` ``He inquired ...'', Murphy  later wrote, ``whether there was any chance of going on to Moscow, which he said he could reach in thirty days, instead of waiting for the Russians to attack the United States.'' '


E. H. Cookridge,  op. cit. , pp. 127--128.

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