V. I. Lenin


(Regarding Mr. P. Skvortsvo's Article
"Commodity Fetishism" in Nachnoye Obozreniye)

Written in January-March, 1900  
Published in May and June, 1900  
in the magazine Nauchnoye Obozreniye,  
Nos. 5 and 6[
Signed: Vladimir Ilyin  

Published according
to the text of
Nauchnoye Obozreniye

From V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, 4th English Edition,
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1964

Second Impression

Vol. 3, pp. 609-32.

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UNCRITICAL CRITICISM. (Regarding Mr. P. Skvortsvo's Article
"Commodity Fetishism " in Nachnoye Obozreniye , No. 12, 1899
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    page 657


      [169] Lenin's article "Uncritical Criticism" is an answer to a hostile review of The Development of Capitalism in Russia by P. N. Skvortsov, a "Legal Marxist." Lenin began working on the article in January 1900, during his last weeks of exile at Shushenskoye. This information is contained in a letter written by N. K. Krupskaya to Lenin's mother, M. A. Ulyanova, dated January 19, 1910. The article was finished in March 1900, after Lenin's return from

    page 658

    exile, and appeared in the magazine Nauchnoye Obozreniye (Scientific Review ) in May and June, 1900. This was the last of Lenin's articles to appear in the Russian legal press before he went abroad.    [p.609]

      [170] In his references to The Development of Capitalism in Russia Lenin gives the page numbers of the 1899 edition. These have been changed to correspond to the pages of the present edition.    [p.612]

      [171] The words in inverted commas "Chi-chi-kov . . . etc.," are a paraphrase of the following extract from Chernyshevsky's Essays on the Gogol Period in Russian Literature. ". . . A witty examination of Dead Souls might be written as follows: After giving the book's title: The Adventures [pokhozhdeniya] of Chichikov, or Dead Souls, begin directly in the following way: 'The cooling down [prokhlazhdeniya] of Tchi! tchi! kov -- don't think reader, that I have sneezed . . . etc., etc.' Some twenty years ago there were readers who thought that witty" (see N. G. Chernyshevsky, Essays on the Gogol Period in Russian Literature, St. Petersburg, 1892, p. 64).    [p.613]

      [172] Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. II, Moscow, 1957, pp. 116-17.    [p.615]

      [173] Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. II Moscow, 1957; p. 115.    [p.616]

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      [175] Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. I, Moscow, 1958, pp. 350-351.    [p.618]

      [176] Lenin's article "Once More on the Theory of Realisation," signed V. Ilyin, appeared in Nauchnoye Obozreniye, Issue No. 8, August 1899. (See present edition, Vol. 4.)    [p.630]

      [177] "An attempt to 'open the eyes' of the public to the mixture of Marxism and bourgeois science" is a reference to Lenin's criticism of Struveism, "Legal Marxism," in his essay The Economic Content of Narodism and the Criticism of It in Mr. Struve's Book. This essay, contained in Volume 1 of the present edition of Lenin's Collected Works, exposed the real nature of the "Legal Marxists," and showed that they were bourgeois liberals who were attempting to use the Marxist banner and the working-class movement in the interests of the bourgeoisie.    [p.632]

      [178] "A systematic analysis of this trend " was made by Lenin in his Materialism and Empirio-Criticism. This supremely important philosophical work was written in 1908 and appeared in book form in Moscow in 1909. (See present edition, Vol. 14.)    [p.632]