V. I. Lenin



Prosveshcheniye, No. 1,
December 1911
Signed: Peterburzhets

Published according to
the Prosveshcheniye text

From V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, 4th English Edition,
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1968

First printing 1963
Second printing 1968

Vol. 17, pp. 433-45.

Translated from the Russian by Dora Cox
Edited by George Hanna

Prepared © for the Internet by David J. Romagnolo,
 (March 2002)

page 612


  [174] The questions were discussed at the sessions of the Third Duma held on October 15 and 17 (28 and 30), 1911.    [p. 433]

page 613

  [175] Urgent question. In Russia's Duma procedure questions were not usually put directly to a minister or submitted for debate without having first been examined by a commission. The Duma itself, however, could decide that a question was "urgent" and should be the subject of an immediate debate. As the reader can see from this article, the debate on whether a question was sufficiently urgent for a debate could obstruct any real discussion of it and ensure its relegation to a commission. From this it follows that no question raised by a small minority in the Duma could ever be voted "urgent" and discussion on it permitted.    [p. 434]

  [176] Men with numbers to their names -- ordinal numbers were added when several members of the Duma had the same name (e.g., Markov the First, Markov the Second).    [p. 441]

  [177] Jellinek, Georg -- a German bourgeois lawyer.    [p. 443]