V. I. Lenin




  [67] Gromoboi -- contributor to Golos Moskvy (Voice of Moscow ).
    Izgoyev -- a Cadet, publicist, contributor to Vekhi (Landmarks ) and Rech (Speech ) collaborator.    [p. 96]

  [68] The statement made by 66 representatives of Moscow commercial and industrial capital, was printed in Russkiye Vedomosti, No. 33, February 11 (24), 1911. While recognizing the need to combat the students' strikes, the authors of the statement also condemned the government action on the grounds that its measures against the participants in student disturbances jeopardised the existence of the higher school.    [p. 96]

  [69] Golos Moskvy (Voice of Moscow ) -- a daily newspaper, organ of the Octobrists, the counter-revolutionary party of the big industrial bourgeoisie and the landlords; published in Moscow from December 1906 to June 1915.    [p. 97]

  [70] Zemshchina (Land Affairs ) -- a daily Black-Hundred newspaper, published in St. Petersburg from July 1909 to February 1917; organ of the extreme Right deputies to the State Duma.    [p. 100]

  [71] Council of State -- one of the highest state bodies in tsarist Russia. Formed in 1810 according to M. M. Speransky's plan, as a legislative-consultative body whose members were appointed and confirmed by the tsar. It was a reactionary body which voted down even the most moderate bills adopted by the State Duma.    [p. 105]