New Economic Developments in Peasant Life (On V. Y. Postnikov's Peasant Farming in South Russia )

On the So-Called Market Question 



What the "Friends of the People" Are 

The Economic Content of Narodism



Frederick Engels

Explanation of the Law on Fines Imposed on Factory Workers

Gymnasium Farms and Corrective Gymnasia 

To the Working Men and Women of the Thornton Factory

Draft and Explanation of a Programme of the Social-Democratic Party



To the Tsarist Government



A Characterisation of Economic Romanticism

The New Factory Law 

About a Certain Newspaper Article

The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democrats

The Handicraft Census of 1894-95 in Perm Gubernia and General Problems of "Handicraft" Industry

Gems of Narodnik Project-Mongering )

The Heritage We Renounce



On the Question of Our Factory Statistics

Review -- A. Bogdanov. A Short Course of Economic Science

A Note on the Question of the Market Theory)



The Development of Capitalism in Russia
To A. N. Potresov [January 26, 1899

Review -- Parvus. The World Market and the Agricultural Crisis

Review -- R. Gvozdev. Kulak Usury, Its Social and Economic Significance (

Review -- A. A. Blau, ed., Commercial and Industrial Russia 

Once More on the Theory of Realization)

Review -- Karl Kautsky. Die Agrarfrage [The Agrarian Question ]

Review -- Hobson. The Evolution of Modern Capitalism

Capitalism in Agriculture

A Protest by Russian Social-Democrats

Review -- Karl Kautsky. Bernstein und das sozialdemokratische. Eine Antikritik [Bernstein and the Social-Democratic Programme. A Counter-Critique.]

Articles for "Rabochaya Gazeta " [includes the text of "Our Programme"] 

A Draft Programme of Our Party 

A Retrograde Trend in Russian Social-Democracy

Apropos of the Profession de foi  

Factory Courts

On Strikes 



Uncritical Criticism

Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and Zarya 

How the "Spark" Was Nearly Extinguished

Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra 

Preface to the Pamphlet, May Days in Kharov

The Urgent Tasks of Our Movement



Casual Notes

The Drafting of 183 Students into the Army

The Workers' Party and the Peasantry

Where to Begin?

Another Massacre

The Persecutors of the Zemstvo and the Hannibals of Liberalism

Serf-Owners at Work

The Agrarian Question and the "Critics of Marx"
Review of Home Affairs 

A Talk with Defenders of Economism



Concerning the State Budget (....k)

Political Agitation and "The Class Point of View" (...k)

What Is To Be Done? (P)

Material for the Preparation of the Programme

Signs of Bankruptcy

From the Economic Life of Russia

Report of the Iskra Editorial Board to the Meeting (Conference) of R.S.D.L.P. Committees

The Agrarian Programme of Russian Social-Democracy 

On the Borba Group 

Revolutionary Adventurism

The Draft of a New Law on Strikes )

A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organizational Tasks

Political Struggle and Political Chicanery

Concerning Demonstrations)

Vulgar Socialism and Narodism as Resurrected by the Socialist-Revolutionaries

The Basic Thesis Against the Socialist-Revolutionaries 

On the Svoboda Group



Mr. Struve Exposed by His Colleague )

To the Rural Poor 

Reply to Criticism of Our Draft Programme

The National Question in Our Programme

The Second Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. 

Second Congress of the League of Russian Revolutionary Social-Democracy Abroad

Letter to Iskra

Why I Resigned from the Iskra Editorial Board. A Letter to the Editors of "Iskra"

To the Editors of Iskra



To the Iskra Editorial Board 

Preface to the Pamphlet A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organisational Tasks

Postscript to the Pamphlet A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organisational Tasks

To the Party Membership

To the Party

Circumstances of Resignation from the Iskra Editorial Board

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (The Crisis in Our Party )

Letter to the Members of the Central Committee

Statement By Three Members of the Central Committee

To the Party

What Are We Working For (To the Party)

To the Party

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Reply by N. Lenin to Rosa Luxemburg 

The Zemstvo Campaign and "Iskra's" Plan

A Letter to the Comrades

Statement and Documents on the Break of the Central Institutions With the Party