Bolshevik Writers: Georgi Dimitrov

Dimitrov vs. Göbbels


To Dr. Bünger, President of the 4th Penal Department of the Supreme Court


Leipzig, September 28, 1933

Dear Mr. President:

I am sorry that my Court speeches have on several occasions led to undesirable incidents and altercations. But I feel bound categorically to reject the interpretation of having intentionally abused of my right to ask questions for propaganda purposes. Insofar as the prosecution demands my death, I, who have been accused quite unjustly, consider it as my natural and lawful right to defend myself with all means which I have at my disposal.

I admit that some of the questions may not always have been asked by me in proper juridical form. This, however, is to be explained solely by the fact that I am not versed in German law. Besides, it is for the first time in my life that I participate in such a trial. If I had had a defence counsel of my own choice, I should undoubtedly have been able to avoid such incidents which are not conducive to my own defence.

I remind you that all the candidates proposed by me (lawyers Dechev, Giafferi, Campinchi, Torrès, Grigorov, Leo Gallagher of America, and Dr. Lehmen of Saarbrücken) were, one after the other, on one pretext or another, rejected by the Supreme Court, and Mr. Dechev, as is evident, has even been refused an admission card.

I personally do not feel any lack of confidence in Dr. Paul Teichert as a person and lawyer. But as matters now stand in Germany, I cannot have the necessary confidence in Dr. Teichert as my official defence counsel. That is why I am trying to defend myself alone and in doing this often take steps which are undoubtedly incorrect from a juridical point of view.

In the interest of my defence before the Court, and I believe in the interest of the normal course of the trial too, I once again - and for the last time - address myself to the Supreme Court with the request to allow the lawyer Marcel Willard, who has now been given a power of attorney from my sister, to take part in my defence.

If my present proposal should unfortunately again be rejected, I will have no other alternative but to defend myself alone to the best of my abilities and understanding.

Respectfully yours,
G. Ditmitrov