Bolshevik Writers: Georgi Dimitrov

Dimitrov vs. Göbbels


To Dr. Paul Teichert1)


August 1, 1933

Dear Doctor:

I have received today your letter of July 27 and took notice of the information that the Supreme Court has appointed you to be my defence counsel.

I inform you that on July 20 I entrusted my defence to the Bulgarian lawyer Stefan Dechev (now living in Paris, at the Palace Hotel), that besides this, through my sister and on my request, the French lawyers Messrs. Moro Giafferi, Campinchi and Torrès have been invited to become my defence counsels. In all probability they will contact you.

As to my case, I am quite amazed that the Supreme Court should have accused me in connexion with the Reichstag fire. Judging by all the data, the preliminary investigation should without fail have led to the conclusion that I have had nothing to do with this crazy and provocative crime. But, they seem to have decided to put us, the three arrested Bulgarian emigrants, in the place of the undetected real culprits. It is precisely political trials that most vividly demonstrate how justice is made use of as a political instrument.

In my written statements of March 20 and May 30, which I gave to the examining magistrate at the Supreme Court, counsellor Vogt, I have already said everything that is essential in connexion with my case. I should ask you to get more closely acquainted with these documents.

I am very curious to learn how the state prosecutor's office will try to substantiate the indictment of high treason in connexion with the burning of the Reichstag building against a political worker who in fact has had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it.

It will be possible for me to formulate proposals in connexion with the proofs, only after I have the text of the indictment in my hands, which, if actually an indictment of having set fire to the Reichstag is to be brought in it against me, will have truIy to be a Kunstwerk (work of art) of German justice.

Respectfully yours,
G. Ditmitrov


1) Lawyer, Leipzig