Bolshevik Writers: Georgi Dimitrov

Dimitrov vs. Göbbels


To the Examining Magistrate


May 4, 1933

Your Honour:

Of course, I need not thank you for your communication that you have rejected my request to return my confiscated money.

Still, you have thereby saved me from an illusion. For a moment I had supposed that, as a political worker who is not guilty of burning down the Reichstag and is suffering only for having fulfilled his Communist duty, I would be treated, at least in this respect, not worse than a robber or murderer and that I would be able to count on a few Marks from my own money for newspapers, postage and a German language manual.

I now realize that this was a mere illusion. I am deprived of the right to make use of my own money. I have no right to visits and moreover must stay manacled by day and night.

As far as I know, even those accused of murder are not subjected to such a treatment.

And this I owe to you!

Yes, this is right and logical, I find myself in the hands of the class enemy, who is trying to make use even of justice as a weapon to eradicate Communism, i. e. in practice to destroy its convinced, consistent and adamant adherents.

Respectfully yours,
G. Dimitrov