Bolshevik Writers: Georgi Dimitrov

Dimitrov vs. Göbbels


From the Verbatim Report of the Court October 11, 1933


President: Tomorrow, at 8 p. m., an on-the-spot inspec-tion of the Reichstag has been scheduled, but it must not take up too much time.

Dimitrov: In connexion with the time of the on-the-spot inspection I should like to ask one question.

President: No, Dimitrov, this will be of no use to you at all. I have told you so many times: asking questions and giving explanations are things not provided for in the Code of Procedure and you can hardly expect me to allow precisely you who - to put it softly - have already repeatedly tried to overdo it with your asking questions and giving explanations, making statements, etc., that to which the Code of Procedure does not entitle you. So better give up this idea.

Dimitrov: Mr. President.

President: No, I do not want to hear anything! Do not say anything: It will be of no avail to you. Sit down.

Dimitrov: I should ask you to allow me to point out...

President: I deprive you of the right to speak...

Dimitrov: I am not only the accused Dimitrov (President: Shut up!), but also Dimitrov who defends himself (President rises and the Court withdraws to deliberate).

President: I have the following decision to announce: For repeated insubordination to the orders of the President, particularly of the order depriving him of the right to speak, the accused Dimitrov shall be removed from the courtroom until further notice. He shall be taken to the prison.

Dimtrov: This is depriving me arbitrarily of my right of defence, Mr. President (Dimitrov gives a note to his official defence counsel, telling him): 'I wanted to put these questions, you ask them!' (Dimitrov is taken out of the room).