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The Communist International,

The Communist International, June-July, 1920

Peasants and workmen of Armenia! During long years you have been the victims of foreign capitalists, who lead long conversations on account of the massacre of the Armenians by the Kurds, who called you to fight the Sultan and at the same time made gain of continually new profits from your struggle with him. During the war, they not only promised you your independence, but induced your teachers—priests and merchants—to request the land of Turkish peasants in order to establish an eternal war between the Turkish and Armenian people, from which they could draw an eternal profit: for while these dissents continue among your people foreign capitalists will draw their profit—terrorising Turkey with the danger of Armenian revolt—Armenians with Kurd massacres

Peasants of Anatolia! Kemal-Pasha calls you insistently under the banners, to struggle against the foreign offensive, but at the same time we know that you are attempting to form your very own party, your own peasant party, which will be capable of continuing the battle in the case of the Pasha’s concluding peace with the Entente’s spoliators. One cannot succeed in reestablishing calmness in Syria; and you, Armenian peasants, whom the Entente is starving to death, in order to hold you in her hands, you understand better and better that it is absurd to hope for salvation through the support of the capitalists of the Entente. Even your bourgeois government of the Dashnaktsutiun party, these servants of the Entente, even they are compelled to turn for help to the workmen and peasant government of Russia and ask for the conclusion of peace.

The Executive Committee of the Communist International
President: Zinoviev.
Secretary K. Radek,